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What Can Cyrusson Do For Your Car Dealership?

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The world is indulging in online marketing. As a car dealership franchise owner, it’s the best move for you to get into car dealership marketing too.

Here’s a solid thought– automotive manufacturers do it, the most successful car dealership in your town does it, so why lag behind? Many dealerships struggle with creating a cohesive brand of their own, and rely only on the brand image associated with the vehicles they sell.  

What if we told you that people are actually interested in becoming a loyal customer to your dealership? After all, they would love to have a trusted car dealer for each time they buy a new vehicle, a company that they can recommend to their friends and family as well.

This is where car dealership marketing changes your game. At Cyrusson, our highly experienced and specialized teams help you every step of your journey in becoming a well-marketed, reputed car dealership in your region.

Importance of Car Dealership Marketing

Today, car dealerships have to struggle a lot to remain relevant. To forge your own path, you mus focus on building a strong brand both online and offline, which informs customers about the values you stand for. Creating a unique image that sets you apart from other car dealerships can go a long way even after a consumer purchases a car from your shop. If you make an impression with your car dealership marketing, they will likely build trust in you and return for aftermarket services.

Of course, you do not have to take the lengthy journey of car dealership marketing alone. Instead, you can let an expert marketing agency take over, while you do what you are excellent at– selling cars and making your customers happy. Cyrusson takes a multichannel approach at marketing your brand from the ground up, building a relevant digital presence, understanding your key goals, and helping you achieve them.

To begin with, you can get a digital presence report for your car dealership, followed by a marketing strategy session. Herein, our team of experts will show you your company’s strengths and weaknesses, along with insights on how you compare with local competitors.

Car Dealership Marketing Services We Offer

The Cyrusson team is eager about opportunities to be innovative and find amazing ways to solve marketing challenges. Unlike agencies that rely on a one-size-fits-all approach by throwing in similar concepts and strategies for marketing success, we at Cyrusson love to understand your brand and build a robust marketing strategy on that understanding.

What We Do

Our services are targetted at all touchpoints that impact your brand’s identity and presence online. And while we work towards making your business successful digitally, we take a customized approach that suits your business thoroughly.

Brand Development

Brand development icon

Car dealership marketing helps customers see your company for everything that is, and not just as the cars you sell. For example, is honesty your best policy, where your salespeople always try to cut the best deal?

Or do you believe in putting your client’s experience first, making their car-buying experience memorable? Setting a tone for your brand messaging and then creating an identity based on it can help you build a long-term relationship with existing and new customers.

With Cyrusson, brand development is all about finding your voice and making it heard across the internet. It is about getting the right kind of people to come across your website, so that you have leads that convert efficiently.

Digital Advertising

Before purchasing a car, the user is likely to do some surfing on the internet, trying to understand the space a bit better. Considering that a car purchase is a sizeable spend, they will not only look at the company they are buying the car from, but also the dealership they shall opt.

Google Ads are thus excellent at driving high-quality leads to your car dealership. Leveraging best-in-class car dealership marketing, our team works to develop the best ads possible to maximize your return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Alongside digital advertising, you must consider increasing your website views organically. SEO is something we excel at, with a track record of getting up to 18 and even 20 keywords ranked on your website, where originally only 1 or 2 keywords were ranking.

Our SEO team works diligently at getting your car dealership website rank on the first page of search engines, so that it is easier for users to come across your website and click on it. With our car dealership marketing through SEO, you will experience more website traffic from relevant people seeking your services.

At the same time, we help you add negative keywords to block out irrelevant searches and keep a close eye on your search query report. This way, your website does not show up as an ad or a listing on searches such as “toy cars”, where the user is searching for something else and will not find your site useful. Because if they come across your website and click on it, you will still have to pay for the click.

Website Development

Website Maintenance & Website Support | Cyrusson Inc

Rely on our team of expert web developers to create a website that is easy to use, fun to engage with, and quick in response. We use best practices to ensure that user engagement is always on the rise.

Once the website is ready, you have us for all your queries. Our website maintenance and support teams are available regularly to ensure that your website experience is excellent.

Social Media Marketing

For brands trying to establish an online presence, building a presence on social media is not unheard of. Imagine this. A user based in your region searches for “car dealerships near me”. They come across your website and have a look at it. They go back to the search and open another website, wherein they also go through the company’s social media accounts.

They get a glimpse of useful machinery and car videos, their company culture, their dealership ethics, and more. Naturally, this user is likely to trust your competitor more, simply because they can relate to their social media content and find personal value in it. Our car dealership marketing strategies thus also target social media, helping you stay on top of your game across platforms.

Online Reputation Management

Reviews on online listings such as Google are directly responsible for creating a first impression of your car dealership. When customers have finalized a new car for purchase, they will likely check out car dealerships they can go to, and take a quick look at the reviews.

If your dealership reviews are at 3 stars or lower, you may have noticed that your foot-traffic may already be dwindling. In such a situation, it is crucial to take the right steps to combat poor ratings through car dealership marketing tactics. For example, if you add fake reviews, close down your account on a review website, it can be harmful for your business.

Instead, you need to focus on apologizing for the customer’s poor experience and promise them better service the next time. Even if the reviewer does not acknowledge your response, thousands of onlookers will. And for them to see an honest response and professionalism is important for them to trust your brand.

Content Marketing

Website Maintenance & Website Support | Cyrusson Inc

Once you own a website, it requires careful management and updating. Regularly posting and updating content, such as articles, infographics, industry news, etc., is the best practice followed by all good companies.

Content marketing helps increase website views, so you can easily develop a dedicated following and drive organic traffic to your website. Content marketing in car dealership marketing also allows your customers to stay in the loop with your business, thus increasing their loyalty towards your dealership.

Sell More Cars With Digital Advertising

In our car dealership marketing tactics, our expert SEO, social media marketing, and other teams take care of every fine aspect that builds towards an honest and successful digital identity for your brand. Reach out to us today to discuss your marketing goals and set up a new level of success for your business.


We Understand Your Business

A primary concern for car dealerships is to consider the differences between their various sets of target groups. For example, the interests, concerns, and questions of a prospective luxury car buyer will be different from a consumer who is checking out more affordable options.

And while you have trained your salespeople to deal with these differences successfully, how do you ensure that the same is taken care of digitally? Factors like messaging, timing, and the social media platform you are targeting for your ads will all depend on these differences and getting your communication right.

You can leverage our long-held car dealership marketing experience to get targeting and communication right, so that the correct people are receiving ads for your luxury cars and budget cars respectively.


Get Your Car Dealership Website on the First Page of Google

When your website ranks on the first page of Google, a great number of people are likely to click on your site and go through the information to find what they are looking for. Our car dealership marketing strategies help you increase your website rank with SEO and website development best practices.

As a certified Google Partner agency, we have the expertise to optimize your site for search engines so customers can easily find you. We work to get your car dealership website ranking on the first page of Google. That way, you can start seeing more traffic and getting more clients in the door.

We’ve Helped Many Businesses Grow From Our Services!

Read Our Case Studies Below

Car Dealership Marketing: LocalAds Case Study

A car dealership in Canada reached out to Cyrusson to drive more foot-traffic on their store. Our team decided to perform the task through LocalAds with a 3-month campaign. With a monthly budget of $1000, we were able to get 172 visits to the dealership.


Car Dealership Marketing: Facebook Ads Case Study

A car dealership from Connecticut wanted to advertise their vehicles inventory to an online audience. Cyrusson ran a 6 month campaign of Dynamic Auto Ads on Facebook, linking the ads to respective vehicle detail pages. With a monthly budget of $2400, our team managed to get 26,728 vehicle detail page views, with a click-through rate of 3.78%.


Kitchen Remodeling Services: SEO Case Study

The client had a minimal presence online and reached out to us in December 2020 with the aim to increase organic rankings and website traffic. Within 6 months, our team at Cyrusson got 5 keywords ranking on their website, which was now on the first page of search engines.


Grow Your Digital Presence and Get More Leads

We’ve been helping car dealerships establish their online presence and increase their leads for years. Our experienced team will work with you to create and strategize a digital car dealership marketing campaign tailored to your dealership’s needs.

Professional services, strategic consultation, and a results-driven digital marketing plan means that we’ll work with you to set goals and lay out a strategy that is tailored for your car dealership. Get in touch for a free report and find out how you compare with your competitors.


Send Emails that Convert

Car dealerships usually store customer information, right fromt their full names to email and home addresses. So, why not use that information to reach out to your client with important updates. For decades, email marketing has been an essential part of car dealership marketing strategies.

Cyrusson helps you send promotional emais about upcoming sales, adding value to your customer. However, you don’t want to spam their inbox with too many salesy emails, as that would lead them to unsubscribe from your updates. Which is why, a smart email marketing strategy is important in such cases. Our expert marketing team suggests tactics such as offering a discount when it’s time for a cient’s car oil change. Or when their service is due, you could write them a templatized email reminding of the same with an enticing offer, such as a complimentary car wash. 

Further to that, you could also ask the customer for their feedback on your services by sending brief surveys. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Allow our experts to walk you through them all, so that we can build the best car dealership marketing strategy for you.

Why Choose Us

After 27 years of serving the San Francisco Bay Area’s Hispanic community through print media, TVEspañol discontinued its monthly print magazine and helped pave the way for Cyrusson to emerge. Our team is made up of passionate professionals with years of training in digital advertising, search engine optimization, website development and content creation. We serve English- and Spanish-speaking audiences, ensuring your business reaches an incredible chunk of people online. To add to that, we have a solid prior experience in car dealership marketing, where our success numbers speak volumes.

We are the team next door.

We are a bunch of believers who come together to do good work, putting our best minds at work for your business. From emerging startups to cutting-edge industry leaders, we have served all kinds of clientele in a multitude of industries. Our boutique marketing agency thus fits all, no matter your brand’s size, niche, or need.


We love what we do.

All teams at Cyrusson believe in going the extra mile for clients. Be it excelling in a website banner copy or ensuring all reviews are responded to in a timely manner, our team gives it all to our clients and their projects. For your car dealership marketing needs, our team will ensure to do thorough research and draw out strategies from the first-hand experiences and expertise of our leaders.


You have the steering wheel at all times.

The many case studies on our website will show you our journey of growth, success, and kinsmanship. Through the Business Center client portal, monthly and weekly executive reports, and marketing review meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis, we directly involve our clients in the development process. So, you can always rest assured that our team is on the same page as you, and we are working robustly towards your car dealership marketing goals.

Your Success Journey Begins Today

It only takes a single click to start a journey that can lead to decades of success. While your counterparts are already setting out marketing budgets, we don’t want you to stay behind till its too late.

From building a website to marketing through social media ads or talking to your customers for their reviews, Cyrusson has it all figured out for you. So that you can take a breath of relief and focus on the customer influx that we promise through our car dealership marketing services.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start with a free consultation, where we get to know your business better and you can learn more about our team and success numbers. Reach out today, we are eager to talk business with you.

Sell More Cars With Digital Advertising (Google Ads & Facebook Ads)

When it comes to attracting high-quality leads, you need a digital marketing strategy. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are an approach that can help bring in the right type of customer for your Car Dealership. Focusing on these channels will help you take control of your marketing efforts.

Our digital marketing agency is able to provide a complete service package for your Car Dealership Marketing needs. We can help you with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive high-quality leads to your dealership.

We’ve worked with hundreds of dealerships to gain maximum exposure on social media channels. Find out how you can leverage Google Ads and Facebook ads to drive high-quality leads to your Car Dealership.

Get Your Car Dealership Website on the First Page of Google

Rank higher with our marketing strategies. Get your website up to speed so you can take advantage of the increase in web traffic. As a certified Google Partner agency, we have the expertise to optimize your site for search engines so customers can easily find you.

We will work to get your Car Dealership Website ranking on the first page of Google. That way, you can start seeing more traffic and getting more clients in the door!

Our Experienced Team Can Help You Grow Your Digital Presence and Get More Leads

We’ve been helping Car Dealerships establish their online presence and increase their leads for years. Our experienced team will work with you to create and strategize a digital campaign tailored to your dealership’s needs.

Professional services, strategic consultation, and a results-driven digital marketing plan means that we’ll work with you to set goals and lay out a strategy that is tailored for YOUR Car Dealership. Get in touch for a free report and find out how you compare with your competitors.

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