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What Can Cyrusson Do For Your CBD or Cannabis Dispensary?

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There is a growing popularity for CBD and cannabis today. However, if you own a CBD and cannabis company, you also know the challenges of state laws, marketing rules, and more that come with it. So, how do you make your brand grow despite the unique situation of your brand?

At Cyrusson, our professional and highly experienced marketing team ensures that success is always knocking at your doorstep. Our CBD and Cannabis marketing strategies are unique and customized to your goals, region of operation, and marketing requirements. We would love to know your brand and suggest best-in-class marketing solutions that fit your budget.

The Importance of CBD and Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis / CBD Marketing

In the last few years, CBD has attracted the attention of a global audience and is attracting diverse consumer groups of all ages, and pets. If your brand works with CBD and Cannabis, you already know how the competition builds up daily. So, how do you ensure that you have growing customers weekly and that your brand does not get lost amongst a sea of companies? CBD and Cannabis marketing has many benefits. They help you with the following three tasks, which are the most important in building a business.

Finding New Customers

Studies have suggested that nearly 40% of US consumers over 21 years of age claim that they would consider trying CBD. With the growing popularity of cannabis and CBD, this popularity will only grow soon. So, tapping into the power of CBD and cannabis marketing right on time can help you beat the competition with fewer efforts.

Setting Your Brand Apart 

Since cannabis and CBD are still new products in the market, many people have reservations about them. Moreover, users will likely do sizeable research before they trust your brand. So, it has become growingly important to pose your brand as one that consumers can trust and return to. The first step towards trust is to build a website and other CBD and cannabis marketing collateral that resonates with your audience and informs them about your business, its ethics, and its products.

Retaining Customers 

Repeating customers is how you build a loyal base of users who can stand for your brand, endorse it, and empower it. Activities such as adding real customer reviews to your website or sending out relevant newsletters to stay in touch can thus benefit your brand greatly. This is the power of CBD and cannabis marketing that we want to leverage for your brand and get you the best results.

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At Cyrusson, we have specialized departments and experts to serve all your marketing needs, right from digital advertisements and listings to SEO, social media marketing, content writing, and web design. Trust our specialists to help you take well-rounded branding decisions and define clear marketing objectives from day one.

Our Impactful CBD and Cannabis Marketing Strategy

What We Do

Website Development

Website Maintenance & Website Support | Cyrusson Inc

Your website is the ideal representative of your business and all it stands for. So, you need to ensure that all information on your website is accurate and that users are able to navigate through the site easily.

Are they able to find what they are looking for on your website? Are you guiding them in the right direction, giving them the solutions they need? These are some questions we help you answer and implement while building a successful website.

Naturally, your website will then play an important role in further CBD and cannabis marketing through best practices such as SEO, search engine ads, and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Once your website is ready, you will want it to reach more people. By using relevant keywords related to CBD and cannabis marketing, we can make your website rank at the top.

Thus, when a user searches for products or services in the niche, your website will show up in their search results, making it easier for them to know about your brand.

SEO has been proven as one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses online, offering high conversion rates organically. So, it is something worth investing your money in.

Listings Management

Digital Advertising

As an owner of a CBD and cannabis dispensary, you’d like it if users are able to find your shop online and then visit it.

You must list your shops on Google so that when someone searches “CBD near me” or other such keywords, your shop shows up on their page.

We help you create and manage your business listings, opening the doors to a wider audience base that comes to you through online searches.

Brand Development

Branding icon

Having a brand identity that consumers can relate to and trust makes all the difference in your conversions. This stands especially true for CBD and cannabis marketing.

After all, there is still much stigma entailing cannabis and its products among Americans. So, how do you instil trust in your audience and really educate them about the benefits of your products?

The journey begins with building a brand persona and presence while taking care of your communication and content. At Cyrusson, we first understand exactly how you would like to position the brand and then help pave the way further.

Content Marketing

content icon

Regularly posting and updating content, such as articles, videos, images, industry news, etc., on your website is vital for increasing website viewership.

Content marketing also helps in developing a dedicated following and driving organic traffic to your website.

With targeted content marketing, your followers and customer base get the opportunity to stay in the loop with your business and its updates. CBD and cannabis marketing by leveraging relevant content thus brings customer loyalty.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Icon

If you have a store online or would like to bring people to your website, display ads are an effective tool for that.

Digital display advertising involves posting banner ads on third-party website in form of images, videos, and audio. Interactive display ads allow you to interact with your users, creating a deeper impact of CBD and cannabis marketing.

Display ads are also useful for top funnel marketing to target people who have gone to physical stores of competitors, thus helping you reach a relevant audience while driving traffic and brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram Icon

Social media marketing is a tactic that is the need of the hour for all brands and companies trying to establish a digital presence.

Content posts on Instagram can help drive brand awareness, with strong call-to-actions that can even drive traffic to your website. You could also impart education about the benefits of your CBD or cannabis products using the power of social media.

Finally, social media marketing is also an excellent place to broadcast ongoing sales and offers. You can look at social media marketing in this way- the exercise helps you give a voice to your brand, so that communicating with your audience daily becomes easier and more organized.

Email Marketing

email marketing icon

One of the first methods of marketing since the advent of the internet, email marketing is still an excellent way of reminding your users about your brand.

It can very well be deployed in your CBD and cannabis marketing strategy too. Writing an email has a one-to-one connection that other areas of marketing, such as social media marketing, cannot deploy.

Here, you get to talk to the consumer almost personally, informing them about each new offer, update, campaign, and more.

Be on the Top of Your Marketing Game

We recognise that every firm is unique, which is why all of the strategies in the Cyrusson System are tailored to your specific requirements. We take the time to learn about your company, its products and services, and consumers before building a personalised plan that works for you based on the data gathered.

Get in touch with us today to find out how successful you can be with our robust CBD and cannabis marketing plans.

Rules for CBD and Cannabis Marketing

Since CBD and cannabis are still on the rise and claiming their position in today’s market, strict rules are laid out for marketing cannabis-related products. Here are some things you must keep in mind while setting out to market your business and its products.

– No health or medical claims can be made.

– Brands cannot showcase untested assumptions.

– Anything not approved by the FDA cannot be marketed.


CBD and cannabis Marketing Restrictions to Keep in Mind

Due to divided opinions and legalities, CBD and cannabis marketing on social media is a tricky boat to row. Each social media platform has its own set of rules, some strict and some not so stringent. However, restrictions don’t necessarily mean that you cannot build a social presence online.

On Facebook

In the past, cannabis and CBD ads were blocked outright on the platform. Then in June 2019, Facebook lifted the ban on CBD products.

It meant that advertisers could publish ads promoting topical hemp products on Facebook.

Ever since, marketers can include a direct link to a landing page, making it easier for consumers to promote products and link your company’s website.

On Google Ads

Google AdWords takes down content advertising CBD products and also penalizes the company from publishing future ads, even if they are not CBD or cannabis marketing ads.

However, Google has recently asked multiple companies in the CBD space to participate in a trial run for CBD ads on Google.

Now, CBD can be advertised on the Google display network only if it contains CBD oil derived from hemp and not cannabis.

On Instagram

If you sell CBD or cannabis products, it is possible to make your brand’s profile on Instagram. However, you may have to avoid direct mention of CBD and focus only on soft selling.

You can opt for CBD and cannabis marketing on Instagram by creating posts that talk about health conditions where CBD can help. It is also favourable for your business to use the word Hemp instead of CBD.

On Twitter

The rules on Twitter are quite strict too. Advertisers must be licensed by appropriate authorities and pre-authorized by Twitter.

Even then, they can only promote non-ingestible, legally derived CBD topical products.

What to Focus on in CBD and Cannabis Marketing

CBD and Cannabis marketing for your brand is indeed a creative business. While a multichannel marketing approach is important, you may especially want to focus on the following three areas to ensure CBD and Cannabis marketing success.

Keyword Research

keyword research icon

Most businesses now rely on online traffic to introduce themselves to new audiences. So, you have to make sure that your website has all keywords that a user is likely to search for.

If you have an online store, keyword research becomes all the more important. Since you would be reliant on newer audiences to find your business and make a purchase from you, keyword research becomes your priority.

At Cyrusson, we have a track record of ranking our clients’ web pages for 10 and even 20 different keywords. This helps them incredibly by increasing footfall on their website multifold. Increased visitors to the website result in more queries and sales.

Link Building 

linkbuilding icon

Link building is yet another exercise your website can greatly benefit from.

Guest posting on authority sites wherein you add a link back to your website will enable you to climb up on search engine rankings.

At the same time, getting outbound links from your website to authority sites in the cannabis market helps you attract even more traffic.


analytics icon

Analytics help you track the performance of your CBD and cannabis marketing campaigns across channels and platforms. For example, if you are investing $1000 for an ad, you would want to know if the ad is reaching enough people.

Thus, tracking your progress and understanding what kind of content works for your audience can help you improve your targeting methods and get an even wider audience at a lower expense.

 While this tracking is best performed by paid analytics, if you work with Cyrusson on your brand’s marketing, you don’t have to worry about additional costs or work. Our experts track performances and give you in-depth reports during every meeting so that you are always in the know of your spending and its fruits.

Why Choose Cyrusson for Your CBD and Cannabis Marketing?

At Cyrusson, we work on strategies that put your customers and their journey first. We factor in how they search for products, fall in love with marketplaces and brands, purchasing habits and decisions, and visiting frequency.

Keeping the core idea in mind, our focus areas for a marketing strategy for your brand include:

– Maintaining a consistent multichannel presence

– Improving customer retention

– Establishing a strong brand identity

In all, our idea of working with you is to develop a creative and strategic partnership that is focused on achieving the extraordinary. Reach out to us, we would love to hear your thoughts, challenges, and targets.


Challenges We Help You Out With

Handling CBD and cannabis marketing need extensive research and devotion. So, working with a marketing agency that knows how to promote your business properly becomes a must. Here are three crucial areas where we save your time and effort so that you can focus on what you do best– offering the world excellent CBD and cannabis products.


Navigating Advertising Restrictions

The information related to CBD advertising and marketing has changed multiple times over the last few years. Our team of content experts always stays on top of research related to the ongoing rules that apply to your company. You can thus avoid any unwanted legal trouble by having a professional CBD and cannabis marketing team at the steering wheel of your marketing journey.


Combating Associated Stigma

Many people have a stigma towards the usage of cannabis or its products, such as CBD. So, spreading awareness and clearing their questions becomes an important part of a CBD and cannabis marketing campaign. We help you educate the audience in detail about the benefits of your products so that the users can trust your brand easily.

Success is Just A Click Away 

1 click away

Marketing can be a challenging task to handle alone. But if you offer the task to experts, you see astonishing results quickly. At Cyrusson, we have an unparalleled track record of success. For one of our existing Cannabis company clients, our SEO services have helped them increase their organic traffic by 73%, whereas their search views increased by 20%.

Your business could be the next one, breaking benchmark records and receiving more than 70% new queries monthly. Take the first step by reaching out to us, and we will take care of the rest of your CBD and cannabis marketing journey.


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