10 Outstanding Marketing Ideas For Personal Injury Attorneys in 2022

Jul 12, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, Marketing

Personal injury law firms are always expecting new ways to market their services. Many of them think about how to market themselves and their law firm. In fact, there is no shortage of ways to promote your law firm and attract new clients. In this blog article, we’ve rounded up a dozen of the top ways to expand your business’s marketing efforts and build new campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Around 80% of law firms frequently use CRM tools to keep track of client information and contact schedules. Expectedly, the law firms that use CRMs are known for producing greater ROI(Return On Investment).

Buy Leads Relevant To Personal Injury Attorneys

Google has recently launched a pay-per-lead advertising product, called Local Services Ads. Instead of paying money for clicks, it allows you to pay for leads and calls only. 

Legal Directories

All personal injury lawyers should have a profile on directories like FindLaw, Justia, Avvo, and Lawyers. Making a profile on legal directories will help your potential clients to compare your firm to another local firm.

Place Necessary CTA Buttons 

Get your law firm’s website optimized to convert more visitors into calls and inquiries through necessary CTA buttons. Simple things like getting call to action elements intelligently placed through each page of your website will boost conversions. 


A referral is a media by which a prospect gets your contact information or interest in your firm as a result of talking to a friend, family member, or coworker. Moreover, referral is absolutely free and gives you a bit of a headstart on building a relationship with your future clients.

Promote from Other Practice Areas

Many law firms focus on a single practice area. If your firm has multiple practice areas, leverage those to promote your personal injury practice. This is sometimes called cross-promotion. 

Filing Procedure Of Any Claim

People are interested in how to file a personal injury claim. Hence, You can discuss entirely the difference between a personal injury claim and a personal injury lawsuit. 

Make Videos To Build Trust and Rapport 

Create relevant and topic-based videos that introduce your law firm and what you do, provide legal info and answer legal questions. Try making videos that will speak out about solutions of your clients.

Create Blogs on Insurance Claims 

Update your blogging section with Insurance related articles. Knowing how to deal with an insurance company is always of great interest to someone involved in a personal injury case.

Share Your Achievements on Social Media

A few tips on maximizing your results on social media networks:

Success stories – You should post about the success stories and victories you’ve accomplished for your clients. 

Testimonials – When you receive a review on Google or a written testimonial via email, post and share it on your social networks. 

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