​​10 Types of Content That Lawyers Should Post to Increase Their Visibility

Jan 10, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO

Getting people to notice you and your website online can be a daunting and testing task (to say the least). Among the countless options that boggle people’s minds on the internet, your services can reach out to your prospective clients only through smart marketing. Content marketing, to be precise, can turn out to be a ‘blessing’. It can help us attorneys, lawyers or other legal advisors to make our technical-jargon-driven websites ‘easily visible’ across Google’s first page results.

Having second thoughts on why you need to indulge in thoughtful content marketing strategies? To enable people to locate your website or page among the endless list of options online, your content acts as the king with a shining armor. Great content highlighted through tactful marketing strategies catches the attention of your target clients and cracks the deal.

Nevertheless, this becomes a possibility only through a well planned out strategy for SEO ranking, lead generation and other online activities that showcase your credibility.​​

In the current article, we will be focussing simply on the types of content you, as a lawyer, must post on your profiles to increase your visibility online (as mentioned in below section).

1 – Informative content about ‘what you offer to solve’

Very simply, answer the most obvious questions your prospective clients are going to come up with when they first start searching for legal advice online. Not everyone is completely aware of what their lawyers will be able to do for them.

They are going to search for information on what a lawyer does, why one essentially needs a lawyer, details about their legal issues, hurdles they can face (which can be best solved by a legal person), and practical demonstrations on what a lawyer can solve for them. Even if a person is randomly starting off his or her search online, through targeted and informative content on your customer-driven services can make them land on your website/page effectively.

2 – Answering particular legal concerns

Your page or website must showcase the expertise and knowledge you (and your team) possess. Merely posting of generalized content does no good. It can help people reach your page, but actual conversion happens when they are assured of your knowledge and experience.

Follow a rigorous content regime by answering particular legal issues, solving specific legal jargon concerns, conveying difficult-to-grasp legal scenarios through case examples, etc. Demonstrating your expertise through these content tactics helps you to answer their legal confusions and build relatability to your services.

3 – Trust-building content

Thinking what that can be? Well, these can include your testimonials from clients (anonymous if they want), past cases sorted, history of your legal career, etc. These can help prospective clients know more details about your industry experience, legal career and history. They will be convinced with your positive feedback. This is particularly helpful in creating greater credibility and trust for your legal brand.

4 – Your areas of legal expertise

Every lawyer has few expertise areas. It is very important to highlight these through your content posting. Some people are particularly seeking expertised legal advice only. Indulging in content that is updated, target-oriented and core are-specific helps gather some traction.

5 – Clear their doubt and fears

Without an iota of doubt, getting involved in a legal case shakes people’s confidence and builds an atmosphere of extreme tension and fear. Helping in assuaging fears that your prospective clients might have is a must to start out right. This can be done with content that is reassuring and promising. Truth always prevails, and justice is always delivered. Re-affirming such quotes to your website visitors can be a great idea.

6 – Interesting content such as blog posts

Every now and then, fill up your page or website with up-to-date and relevant blog posts. These can relate to a particular case study, news story relevant to your niche area, or any interesting topic/subtopic of your expertise. This helps to form a  regular bond with your readers who feel connected and informed through your informative posts. Plus point? It increases your target reachability, online visibility and ‘fan following’ online.

7 – Great tips and listicles

Rolling out tried and tested tips to attain a particular goal in the short term, is a great way to grab some attention. People are often looking out for expert tips in the legal arena. Putting out listicles or short to-do lists is another popular way of seeking attention online. Lists and tips make it easy for readers to grasp legal information quickly.

8 – Infographics and videos

Visual representations of hard-to-understand legal terms and topics is a fun, great way for content creation. For instance, using infographics on your website or page is an exciting way to convey complex issues in an eye-catching manner. You can easily communicate must-follow legal processes with this effective content marketing tool. Another great content source is videos that can offer heavy information in a jiffy. This can also convey the right message to dedicated audiences in an easy format and short span.

9 – Website Content

Do not forget to timely update your website content. The first image that any prospective client is going to form about you or your legal team is from your website. Ensuring the correct english, grammar and content is just the basics. In addition, make sure your website is easy to navigate, high on readability factor, updated and high speed. It is a must to have all company details, past success stories, etc. laid out clearly on your website for increasing your digital outreach.

10 – Mobile- friendly content is a must

Yes, that is true! Especially today, most websites and pages must be mobile-friendly. Your content must be first compatible with an easy-to-read mobile view. People often see their first hand information through word of mouth, references, etc. on their cell phones. Therefore, it is a must to upload content that is mobile-friendly.

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