11 Best Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Jul 20, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing

The article talks about the 11 best internet marketing strategies that you can employ to grow your business. Find out the missing pieces in your digital marketing puzzle. 

The Internet has been the growth engine for businesses over the last couple of decades. It has helped small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses on tight marketing budgets. We have already seen how it has created a level playing field helping startups and small businesses take on their giant competitors.

The low entry barrier in the digital space has also meant that the competition is neck-breaking. Marketers are constantly employing different internet marketing strategies to lure customers. The strategies too are constantly evolving as the competition gets stiffer in a post-Covid world where traditional businesses have also moved online.

Your business can’t survive this competition without creating a strong digital footprint. You may already have a website and have created handles on social media. But are you employing the right internet marketing strategies? Are you reaching out to your prospects using the right channels and powerfully delivering your message?

Internet Marketing isn’t the sum of different strategies but working on a marketing plan where different strategies complement one another. They should act as a force multiplier that drives your brand forward. Before we delve further into the best internet marketing strategies let us look at a few important stats

These stats point to a fact – ignoring internet marketing can turn your business irrelevant sooner than you expect. As your competitors are aggressively marketing their brand and products digitally, you must have your foot on the accelerator pedal. However, it is surprising that 45% of brands don’t have well-defined digital marketing plans. If your business fall in this club here’s what you must focus on to put your brand ahead of the competition.

The 11 Best Internet Marketing Strategies

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)     

It is the ‘Holy Grail’ of Internet Marketing strategies. SEO to internet marketing is what French fries are to McDonald’s (accounting for 75% of sales). The key aim of search engine optimization is to improve the organic ranking of your website in search results. This strategy involves on-page (content, structure, site speed, and usability) and off-page (link building, social shares, page authority) optimization techniques that improve your website’s discoverability on the search engines and increase brand recognition.

#2 Website Design         

Your website acts much like a salesperson in a brick-and-mortar store. A star salesperson can bring regular business while a less competent or rude person can hurt your business’ image. Being the first point of digital interaction for customers with your brand, you must have a website that invites, informs, and guides your potential customer toward an intended action. A fast-loading mobile-friendly website with easy navigation and rich content can convert a casual visitor into a loyal customer. If your website looks old and outdated, you will do your brand a favor by redesigning it to be in sync with the current web design trends.     

#3 Social Media Marketing (SMM)         

You know the importance of social media but is your brand leveraging its true potential? Social media marketing goes beyond creating handles and posting messages once in a while. With an average internet user spending more than two hours on social media it is a must-have online marketing strategy for your brand. You need a strong SMM plan and focus on two or three platforms where you expect to find your target audience. You must engage them, reply to their comments and offer more information about your brand and products.       

#4 Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

It is also known as paid search marketing and is one of the best internet marketing strategies that can deliver immediate results. In this advertising model, you bid for space on the search engines for targeted keywords. When your bid wins your ads appear above the organic search results based on the search query of the user. The pole position on search results ensures more traffic to your landing page. PPC drives highly qualified leads to your website or social media page resulting in a higher conversion rate.  

#5 Email Marketing       

No, it isn’t dead if you have already read obituaries being written about it! Email marketing is thriving and remains one of the most cost-effective ways to take your marketing campaign forward. Email marketing lets you reach out to potential customers in a personalized way based on their interests and needs. It lets you connect with your audience and generate qualified leads for your businesses. By employing strategies such as lead scoring and lead nurturing you can convert them into paying customers in quick time.

#6 Affiliate Marketing    

This is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies where your brand earns sales from affiliate marketers. Gig economy workers such as bloggers, vloggers, and other Internet marketers feature your advertising on their website or content. Affiliate links are placed on their platforms, and you share a small commission for every sale that originates from your affiliates. It is rewarding and lets you target prospects who aren’t likely to be in your network.

#7 Content Marketing    

In the world of digital marketing, content is said to be the ‘king’. However, it is also one of the most overlooked internet marketing tools. You must invest in content marketing as it is one of the best ways to generate leads and improves the organic results for your website through blogs. Apart from blogs content such as infographics, white papers, e-books, and product guides can help your brand generate qualified leads. It establishes brand authority and at the same time lets your customers make informed decisions.   

#8 Conversion Rate Optimization           

Are you facing a scenario where visits to your website aren’t turning into sales? This is a typical situation that many businesses face where all their marketing efforts offer very few tangible gains. This is the perfect case of employing the conversion rate optimization strategy. Here you put to test different elements of the website including design, images, CTA, content, etc., and identify what works and what doesn’t. CRO is an effective way of improving the conversion rate of the website.

#9 Influencer Marketing

It is the latest kid on the block and one that every marketer is going gaga about. Influencer marketing ranks at the top among the best marketing strategies delivering the best conversion rates. In this form of marketing, you hire influencers (celebrities or people who have a sizable presence on social media) to endorse your brand and products. The choice of an influencer is crucial in this form of marketing. You must find a person who shares your product’s values and is a natural person to promote it among your target audience.           

#10 Reputation Management      

Growing your online footprint is important but it is equally important to appear trustworthy in front of your audience. Many brands have a wrong notion about ORM (online reputation management) and believe it to be a reactive strategy to counter negative press and smear campaigns. Reputation management requires a proactive approach where you keep track of what’s being said and written about your brand online. This allows you to react in time and prevent a small spark from turning into a catastrophic fire. ORM also helps in building a positive image of the brand.

#11 Video Marketing       

This is another form of digital marketing that has found wide acceptance in recent years. Thanks to YouTube and other video streaming platforms people are hooked on videos for information and entertainment. Videos allow you a direct medium to communicate with your audience. From short ads to product demos and from troubleshooting guides to holding Q&A sessions, video marketing lets you reach a wide audience and promote your brand.

Wrapping Up

By now you have a clear idea of the internet marketing strategies that can power your brand’s growth. You won’t need to implement all these strategies but strike the right mix based on your brand’s target audience, its existing online footprint, and future goals. Internet marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and you need an expert team to help you leverage the opportunities. You need a team that studies your need and understands your pain points to build tailored campaigns.

At Cyrusson, we offer you a wide bouquet of internet marketing services starting with Website Design and SEO to Content Marketing and Reputation Management. Ours is a team of passionate digital marketers well-versed in the best internet marketing strategies that power your business’ growth and add to your brand value.

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