15 Easy Tips to Market Your Law Firm

Dec 28, 2021 | All, Business Listings Management, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO, Social Media

This article briefly shares 15 tips on how you can market your law firms online web. When you started your small law firm, did you think you would need to rely on social media campaigns and digital marketing so much? But to survive in this competitive environment, you must be heard, prospective clients must be able to see (and know) you. It may be challenging for a small firm to go all on with marketing, but it isn’t rocket science. Today, we shall discuss 15 easy and effective ways to market your small business.

1 — Define Your Goals

You must begin any digital marketing campaign by setting goals. You should know even before getting started what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy. Some law firms look to expand their client base while others want to retain their existing large clientele by enhancing relationships. There are other firms that look for one major client and a few smaller clients.  Unless you know why you want to kickstart your campaign, you aren’t going to make any headway.

2 — Ensure You Have A Mobile Responsive, Clean Website

According to studies done by Google Legal Services, 74% of clients use a law firm’s website to set up appointments. The same study showed that many law firm sites had an unresponsive website with old content and no useful contact details. Research further shows that sites that aren’t mobile-ready lose 53% of their potential clients simply because their site didn’t load within three seconds! In comparison, a well-performing mobile responsive site can skyrocket conversion rates. Check the quality of your website and if it isn’t mobile-ready or isn’t mobile responsive, get to work today!

3 — Don’t Forget Your Google Business Profile 

The aim of your law firm website is to attract local clients and unless they know where you live and have your contact details, they won’t be bothered by you. So, set up the Google Business Profile as it will make it easy for your potential clients to search for you and find you. You will also be authenticated easily on the search engine.

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4 — Monitor and Manage Online Reviews 

You won’t realize the significance of online reviews unless you get a few negative ones that may destroy your firm’s reputation. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till that happens. Manage online reviews – both good and bad. Respond to them – politely. Showcase yourself as a problem solver.

5 — Get Clients to Review You        

You cannot manage reviews unless you have them, and you won’t have them unless you ask for them. Set up an Avvo profile and ask your clients to review you. You can also register in other reviewing sites so that more clients can tell how your services were.   

6 — Have a Referral Strategy in Place for Past Clients

A referral strategy does two things – keeps your existing clients happy and interested and secondly, gives you new clients. Offer your existing clients some incentives like discounts on referring clients or a gift card for every new client.

7 — Invest in Facebook Ads

Contrary to what people are telling you, Facebook isn’t going anywhere. It currently has over two billion active users which means you will find your clients here. If you use the platform properly, you can get new clients and retain old ones.          You don’t need to invest a lot, just about $300 a month can get you targeted ads on Facebook that will improve your brand awareness and visibility.

8 — Work on Website SEO  

You must publish keyword-driven, well-researched, informative, and useful content on your website. To do so you don’t need to be an SEO expert (leave that for the professionals like us!) but you need to embark on this road. Get together a team or outsource the work to SEO experts so that your website has regular blog posts and is updated frequently.

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9 — Build Relationships

Even though your interactions with prospective and existing clients are online now, work on building relationships because they matter. Have someone from your small law firm email and call clients to know how they are and how they are dealing with the situation (example, a divorce). You may not be their therapist but just telling them that you are on their side can make a difference.

10 — Develop Relationships with Other Small Law Firms 

It is good practice and a smart move to develop relationships with other smaller law firms around your neighborhood. This will encourage them to collaborate with you too when need be. If you specialize in family law and your existing client needs help with tax, refer them to someone you know. So, the next time they have a client who needs help with family law, they will approach you.

11 — Be A Community Member        

As we talk about building relationships with other law firms, it is also important that you make your presence felt in the community. Be a good neighbor and volunteer or sponsor local events so that you are just out there. The idea behind all this should be to take care of your potential clients even before they need you.

12 — Engage on social media

Set time out daily or weekly to engage on social media platforms. Be consistent with your posts, shares, and comments, and act promptly. Know what makes each platform unique so that you can post accordingly.

13 — Use Google Analytics   

Google Analytics can give in-depth reports and analytics on how your website is performing. When you have the data, you can streamline the approach and work on pages that aren’t performing.

14 — Be Patient       

Developing a website, optimizing it, publishing high-quality content, and creating attractive infographics takes time. You must be especially patient if you are not willing to spend much on digital marketing and have a more DIY approach.

15 — Seek Help When Needed         

You didn’t become a lawyer overnight. You worked through years in law school and grilled through internships before starting your firm. Just as you didn’t become an expert instantly, you cannot master digital marketing quickly. Take help when you are stuck. It doesn’t cost much. Every member at Cyrusson Inc. has worked hard to understand the changing dynamics of digital marketing. We are here to help you establish your online presence. We have the best team that understands the needs of a small law firm and we offer customizable strategies just for you. Digital marketing may not be rocket science but requires a lot of hard work. Get in touch with us to know more.

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