3 Holiday Marketing Tips for Boosting Your Online Reputation

Dec 10, 2020 | Reputation Management, All, Digital Marketing

The holiday season approaches, meaning more and more customers are flocking to various stores to do their holiday shopping. Since many are conducting research online, reading reviews, and visiting websites before making their purchasing decisions, there is no better time than today to improve your digital marketing strategy.

What makes this holiday season unique unlike previous years is the current global pandemic. With proper planning and strategies, your holiday sales are still expected to soar. Here are some holiday marketing tips to boost your online reputation:

1 – Know and understand your customers

The success of your business depends on your target audience, so make sure to get to know them first. Take time to learn about their interests, motivations, and preferences and understand their needs to help you serve them better. Doing this can help you build a relationship with them beyond a single purchase.

To know your customers more deeply, work with our full-service digital advertising agency in San Francisco. We can help you discover what they love about your products and services and what people are saying about your business by monitoring the reviews about your brand and web presence. This works by finding mentions about you from blogs, social media platforms, and news sites as well as sending you an alert the moment a review about your brand is submitted.

2 – Engage with your target audience

Unlike other platforms, social media allows you to directly interact with your target audience. Take advantage of this benefit and use this opportunity to create a positive impression by engaging with them as much as possible. Respond to their inquiries and address their concerns about your products and services rapidly to provide them with customer service worth remembering.

If a customer leaves a bad review and shares their anger, frustration, or disappointment about your business, be supportive and helpful. Come up with solutions to turn their negative experience into a positive one.

Consider seeking our digital advertising services in San Francisco if you don’t know how to engage with your online customers effectively. We can help you build a stronger online presence and reach your business goals with essential online marketing tools and services.

3 – Leverage positive reviews

As mentioned above, many shoppers read customer reviews first to ensure that the product or service they are paying for is worth their money. Good news travels fast, so if you receive positive feedback, publish it instantly. Schedule the posts strategically and consider different geographic locations and time zones of your target audience for the greatest impact. Boost posts as needed to expand the reach of your content and amplify awareness about your business.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the most important review sites. Pay attention to reviews on your Facebook page to monitor the audience’s sentiment and gain insights about them.


Establishing a favorable online reputation is crucial, especially during the holidays when customers shop more than usual. Follow the holiday marketing tips mentioned above and harness the power of social media for your success. When you need a helping hand, team up with a digital advertising agency like ours to address your needs.

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