3 Important SEO Tips For Roofing Companies: An Essential Brief Guide

Feb 7, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Roofing Company Marketing, SEO

It is quite surprising and brings up a positive vibe to you when you find your local roofing company holding the top position of Google Search Engine listings leaving behind your potential roofing competitors. There exist many deciding factors – that contribute to search engine results and local roofing SEO is one of the most important—especially when you’re marketing the business in an area with lots of competition. In this blog, you can learn how to use this technique to boost your company’s ranking on search engines.

Why SEO Is Crucial For Your Roofing Companies ?

Roofing company SEO mainly focuses on expanding your roofing website visibility in the organic search results. It takes roofing companies’ Search Engine rankings in an even higher position in the Search Engine Results pages. And in turn, drive more prospects to your site and increase chances for conversions. In short, SEO carries out two things: visibility and rankings.

As a roofing company owner, your foremost priority should be how you can leverage SEO to help drive relevant sales, leads, and traffic, and ultimately, profit and revenue for your roofing business. 


Roofing SEO can actually take a lot of time to master and here, in terms of SEO, time is money. The more you consume time, the more you need to spend. Then again, the entire process comes with minimal cost compared to the revenue it generates for your roofing business.

Generate High-Quality Leads

High-quality roofing leads keep generating a lot of recurring revenue over time. Based on your targeting and keyword choices options, roofing SEO can generate potential website visitors.

When a user searches for a service with a specific keyword, it means they are searching for something very specific- something your business can provide them instantly. 

Brand Awareness

Being ranked higher on search engines impacts the ability of local property owners to find your roofing business

Local Authority

 A comparatively high ranking on top of Google search results impacts the way prospects see your roofing brand.

Brand Consideration

 Low ranking roofing contractors will not even get considered when potential clients want to book roofing jobs, whereas a website with higher rank on the first page of search engine results relatively gets a lot of bookings and quotes.

Smooth Growth

Organic search empowers every aspect of roofing marketing, making it easier for smooth growth.

1. Choose location-specific keywords

If you want to get the highest place of the roofing pack in search results, it is more than necessary to use location keywords in your website and social media content. There are some free tools available, such as Google Keyword Planner,  you can use to research local roofing SEO keywords.

Think of yourself as a homeowner who needs your services. What search terms would you prefer to find a roofer? Draft a list of the words and phrases that come to mind, like roofing contractors, roofer, roof repair, and so on.

After that, pair those words with local terms a homeowner might use to find that service in their specific area. such as:

Roofing contractors [your local search area]

Example: Roofing contractors LA

[your local search area] Roofers 

Example: California Roofers 

Roof repair [your local search area]

Example: Roof repair NY

Apply the same process for the rest of your services you may offer, too, such as gutter replacement, window installation, etc.

2. Implement Keywords Throughout Your Roofing Website

Once you are done preparing the local roofing SEO keyword list, next incorporate the terms into your company’s website and social network content. Whenever a potential customer types those terms into a search engine, your business will be more likely to appear higher in the listing.

A good example of a roofing company is using location-specific keywords on your homepage. Place your targeted keyword in a header format with supporting content, which is a great way to implement your keywords and help you rank for SEO.

3. Place Your location-specific Keywords To Your Page Titles And Metadata

A good implementation of location-specific keywords for roofing SEO is to include your location-specific keywords into your titles and metadata. Keeping those keywords in the title and metadata for your homepage, service pages, and even your blog posts can help boost your ranking in Google search results.

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