3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Local SEO

Jul 10, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

Any digital agency in San Francisco will tell you that SEO is essential to achieve success. SEO offers a way to further grow your business in our fast-paced and evolving society by boosting brand awareness, acquiring new customers, and generating profit.

Local SEO, in particular, has become an irreplaceable tool in digital marketing, especially for businesses looking to cement their place in the local market. Investing in local SEO can unlock an insurmountable amount of potential—you’ll be able to connect more with your target audience and ultimately grow your business beyond expectations!

Read through below to find out how you can benefit from local SEO:

1 – Local SEO Gives You a Competitive Edge

Being the most innovative company in your industry isn’t enough—you won’t get ahead of your competitors just by improving your processes and products or services alone.

Succeeding in the digital world takes more than being the best—you have to be seen by your customers! The higher you rank on search results pages, the more control you have over the market, and the greater your chances of growing your customer base becomes. 

Of course, securing a place on the front page of search results is the most coveted position, so the battle for it will be fierce and almost impossible. However, by investing in local SEO and working with a reputable digital agency, you have a greater possibility of climbing through the ranks and eventually being noticed by your target audience.

2 – More People Are Using Local Keywords

Large corporations and online retailers may be far more successful than local businesses, but this doesn’t mean that your company has no chance of achieving success within your community. You’ll be surprised by how much people are interested in supporting local business owners! 

The amount of “near me” searches experiencing a 900%+ increase shows that local products and services still sell! The boom of local businesses can be primarily attributed to people’s need for instant gratification—most customers want to receive the product or service quickly. 

Sometimes, one or two-day shipping doesn’t cut it. As a result, people turn to the easiest way to get what they want: to go to a store near them. Customers also tend to prefer purchasing services from businesses within their area to ensure they’ll receive help or be provided with what they need.

3 – Local Searches Drive Sales

Local searches are more valuable than you think! Investing in local SEO means catering to people who have the means and intent to buy.

Customers who search for businesses in their area have a different mindset than people who don’t include local keywords in their search—a majority of individuals who search locally will most probably buy right away once they find what they want.

Local searches are a gold mine, as they represent the percentage of consumers who are active shoppers. When you establish strong local SEO, your business will have more chances of being noticed by your target audience and increasing sales.


Local companies have long relied on word of mouth and walk-in traffic to stay in business and grow. However, with the transition to digital, word-of-mouth marketing seems a bit more different than what you may have been used to. If you want your business to rise to the top, you have to invest in local SEO! Make sure to reach out to an SEO agency that can help you reach your business goals.

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