3 Strategic Steps To Make An Impact on Social Media

Oct 3, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Social Media

In today’s digital landscape, social media has become an essential part of business strategy. When executed creatively and with solid direction, your brand campaign can cut through the noise of hundreds of others on the web. It may seem daunting to achieve such a thing, but with care and planning, you can successfully make an impact.

All you need to do is execute three essential steps:

Collect Data Analytics and Audit Your Socials

Before you can even start formulating your campaign, you need to have a good idea of where your brand is, how your socials are performing, and what the general sense is for current social media behaviors. So, thorough scanning, analytics, tracking, and research will be your first course of action.

Here, you’ll need to check both your own social media pages as well as those of your competitors. A good breakdown of your own social media performance can highlight any weaknesses you need to address and help you find strengths to hinge on.

Social Media Listening

Social media listening is a method that helps you analyze this data in line with the results of your competitors. You’ll be able to see what does and doesn’t work for others and how you can find your edge against them.

This can seem like an already overwhelming start, but you can always make use of software tools to collate everything. Additionally, you can employ a digital marketing agency to handle this as they can streamline relevant information and use both human and automated methods to produce actionable results.

Plot Your Objectives and Create Directives

With all that data compiled, you can start mapping out your goals and target market. It’s important to set these objectives first, so you can simply tie around your messaging and execution around them later on. It’s essential to set markers that you can actually measure and achieve. Project a set deadline, core pillars, and a budget.

Any solid digital marketing agency will tell you that you cannot effectively start rolling out your directives without specific data points and metrics. Keep in mind that you will also need to settle on the tools to hit these markers. Search engine optimization, data gathering, and lead generation will hone in on your selected demographics.

Launch Your Campaign and Sustain Core Initiatives

Finally, it comes down to actually launching your campaign and making sure you can sustain its initiatives. Here, you can specifically target your audience both locally and globally. After you kick things off with clear messaging, you must follow through with managing your business listings, monitoring your reputation, and making sure you stay relevant in search results. 

Ad agencies in San Francisco have noted that the average internet user has up to seven accounts on various social networking sites, so they hinge on that to create brand awareness, increase SEO rankings, and create conversions. Sustaining is just as crucial as your initial launch because that’s where you can capitalize on any awareness produced by said launch.


Social media can be a powerful tool to tap into for impact. With the right digital strategy, you can find success right at your audience’s fingertips. All you have to do is take action, follow these steps, and produce value for your audience.

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