3 Things To Know About Responsive Web Designs

Oct 12, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All, Marketing

If you’re looking to improve your online reach, it’s crucial to know that it takes more to it than simply keep it running, especially if your goal is to gain more customers. To capture the interests of consumers and achieve a better return on investment, you have to incorporate more digital marketing solutions to help your site become more recognized.

One way to improve your website is by focusing on its web design. Your platform needs to be responsive—meaning that your visitors can easily access your site on all kinds of devices and have a stress-free time navigating through your pages in search of the product or service they like.

Aside from running a website that goes well on mobile phones, you can also utilize other online advertising services like SEO, paid marketing campaigns, and social media to bring in significant results. If you want to develop a responsive web design, then here are some things you need to keep in mind:

1 – Improve Your Page Loading Time

The way your website loads has the power to make or break a visitor’s first impression of you. Even if they come across your business on search engine results pages (SERPs), but your page doesn’t appear properly within a few seconds, then they can change their mind and move on to the next site.

Websites that offer shorter page loading times can result in better online rankings and even more conversions. Besides, Google tends to prioritize websites that load faster, so you have more chances of appearing in search engine results and being discovered by more people online.


2 – Focus on User Experience

Consumers love to browse through different websites and compare businesses and what they have to offer. One way to keep their attention focused on your page is by optimizing their user experience and ensuring your site is easy to understand without requiring the help of others.

If the experience is complicated for users, you will receive a high bounce rate, which is never a good thing for websites. At the speed that you’re losing visitors, Google will think your content is irrelevant to users, so you’ll end up with an even lower ranking on SERPs.


3 – Maximize Social Media Tactics 

Incorporating a responsive web design for your website leaves you with other significant opportunities that involve the help of social media. Your clients can share your brand online to help achieve organic traffic without paying for marketing campaigns.

Once your website is shared by other people across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can reach a wider audience. As a result, your online traffic and customer engagement will improve, including the need for your brand to deliver more of your products or services.



A responsive web design helps enhance your website, hauls in more customers, and increases your sales. By taking the time to incorporate it into your website, you can boost your online presence even further, making your website a powerhouse for your business. If you need help managing a website, you can rely on a digital advertising agency to assist you with running a website effectively.


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