3 Ways to Revitalize And Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Feb 7, 2021 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing

Let’s talk about Facebook Business Pages for your Business. You have a solid marketing strategy for your business, but are you an influential Facebook marketer? Though it is home for more than 30 million active small-business pages, businesses are finding it hard to get noticed on Facebook.

Facebook has become a remarkable resource for getting more business. When utilized correctly, Facebook has helped thousands of small businesses around the globe achieve their main motives and goals. No matter when you log on, it’s like strolling into a meet and greet event — full of promising customers.

Facebook Business pages have become competitive among small businesses. We know that our posts need to captivate and attract our spectators, but how exactly?

1. Invest In Paid Ads (or Boosted Posts w/ Targeting)

You have to pay to play in order to increase your marketing reach via FB Business Page. Facebook Ads can go a long way in expanding post visibility that will advertise to your live page. Customers usually don’t ignore ads; what they ignore are ads that do not apply to them. If the audience ‘likes’ your Facebook business page, it means that you’ve already overcome an obstacle. 

Facebook Ads (or Boosted Posts) not only allows you to attract new clients by targeting interests, past behaviors, or recently consumed content but also target new sectors in your audience. 

Perhaps there’s a sector you haven’t been targeting before! You can also re-target people who have interacted with your post(s), page, or interacted with your website but have not contacted you. Create an entirely different campaign to get in front of these groups and increase the chances of them contacting you for services or products! 

2. Incorporate Live Streaming

Going live on Facebook was a new feature for all users in 2016, but many business owners still hesitate to embrace it. It is merely because live videos receive more importance on the algorithm than the posts with other innovative ideas such as photos or videos. It will help you to reach your followers, notifying them of your live stream.

By going live, you will be able to draw attention to users in actual time and reply to comments – opening up more opportunities of comment dialogue to appear.

3. Make sure you share your blog posts on your Facebook page, Update Your Status Daily, And Like other local business pages as well!

  • If you don’t blog, then you must start blogging! Be active in posting your blog articles onto your Facebook page. While there are many advantages to doing this (see our other article) – it will also drive more people to your website and increase the potential for growing your sales.
  • Update your status regularly as it is the easiest thing you can do on your Facebook business page. Your audience must be aware of your presence. Seeing you are active will prevent them from getting bored and deserting you.
  • Your worthy customers may follow other local businesses. Make sure that you ‘like’ these business pages and get involved with them. It will grow your apparentness within the local community and broaden your reach.

The power of social media is excellent. There are business owners who have made huge figures annually with only organic posts on Facebook. Feel free to contact us for more information, we will be happy to assist you!

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