4 Great Tips To Help Boost Your WordPress Site’s SEO

Jul 15, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO


WordPress has such a simple and understandable UI that a lot of people can take advantage of for their work and business. A website could quickly be built in a day, showing just how versatile and helpful it is to have. However, whether you’re an individual freelancer or business owner, it’s important to note that your WordPress site won’t be the only website on the internet. 

The digital space is very competitive, and having a good SEO ranking can help make your website just a little more visible and bring in interested visitors who are looking for a brand just like yours. Here are just a couple of ways you can improve and highlight your own site on WordPress to better your SEO.

1 – Choose an Optimal Web Host

Finding something that gives you an easy and stress-free experience is a priority that everyone has for themselves. WordPress is likely giving you a smooth experience creating your website, but you want your customers to have a similar moment when accessing it. If pages are loading slow and user experience in that regard isn’t up to standard, that can be a problem.

Find a good web hosting provider. It’s ideal to find a provider that will be able to attend to problems with WordPress should they ever arrive. Being accustomed to those issues will make those problems easier to deal with, and you can even find ways on how you can provide a better user experience.

2 – Add Relevant Keywords in Tags

Most people tend to skip on the tags and categories when putting out their content, but information and good designs can only go so far. Adding tags and optimizing the categories can help in promoting your content since search engines can recognize those and recommend websites accordingly. 

Just keep in mind to only use relevant keywords when doing your tags and categories. If you’re an IT company, don’t suddenly branch out to baking terminology or fishing jargon just to get to tap into a wider audience.

3 – Give Attention to Your URLs 

Confusing URLs can be a hindrance to your visitors on WordPress. Plus, it’ll be hard for any business to organize them when you’re trying to fix your structure to appeal to the search engine’s algorithm.

Keep it as short and as simple as possible from the very beginning. Not only will it make things easier when interlinking and improving the URL structure of your website, but people may be more inclined to share them around with people if it’s short and straight to the point.

4 – Use Relevant Marketing Tools

There are some tools made to boost your WordPress site’s SEO performance. Not only that, but there are tools for management and checking it as well. So, find the right tools that will allow you to check the analytics of your website.

One thing you shouldn’t leave out of your list is a good SEO plugin. Have the majority of the tasks automated and reduce the time you’re going to spend in gathering data and scheduling your posts.


Create and manage your WordPress website with the intention of increasing SEO. That attitude and those techniques can be a catalyst in the attention and visibility that your site will receive in the long run.

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