4 Vital Questions To Ask An SEO Consultant Before Hiring Them

Sep 30, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO

Hiring an SEO consultant can greatly improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility. However, before hiring an SEO consultant, it’s important to ask them a few key questions to ensure they’re a suitable fit for your demands.

Here are some vital things to ask an SEO consultant before hiring them

How Will You Raise the Brand’s Position in Search Results?

Avoid SEO professionals who won’t openly reveal the specifics of their SEO efforts. They should outline the SEO strategies they’d employ to improve your website’s position in search results and offer an estimate of how long it could take to reach the SEO campaign objectives you’ve set.

Make sure the candidate’s proposal includes a preliminary technical SEO analysis of your website to weed out any issues, such as broken links and error pages, that can hurt your search engine rating.

Consultants should also offer the technique of on-page optimization, which makes your website as search engine friendly as possible. It comprises designing web page titles, headers, and tags and enhancing your website’s URL and internal linking structure.

Do You Follow the Webmaster Guidelines Set Forth by Search Engines?

You want an SEO expert who rigorously adheres to Google’s publicly available webmaster best practices, which forbid 12 popular SEO techniques, such as automatically creating spammy material and incorporating phony hidden text and links.

Your website can be demoted to a pitifully low search result rating if a candidate doesn’t adhere to those rules. Or, even worse, Google might completely remove it from search results.

Additionally, Bing and Yahoo provide best practices for webmasters, which consultants should guarantee they adhere to.

Can You Ensure That the Website Will Rank First on Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

If the candidate responds in the affirmative, quickly turn around and flee. She claims that even though it’s impossible to guarantee a top-ranked position on any search engine, some dishonest SEO consulting services do make such fictitious promises.

If a candidate claims to have an insider connection to Google or another search engine that will provide you with priority search results ranks, take it as a warning sign. Only Google, Bing, and Yahoo have the power to decide where websites rank in their search results.

How Are the Results of Your SEO Initiatives Evaluated?

If you want to assess the success of your SEO campaign, you must keep accurate records of the quantity and source of website traffic.

To track changes in your site’s search engine rankings, the volume of links from other websites sending traffic to yours, the kinds of keywords searchers use to find your site, and more, consultants should have experience with the SEO tool Google Analytics.

Find out how often they plan to provide you access to these critical metrics and how they plan to use the SEO audit findings to improve your website’s traffic and search engine rankings gradually.


A few questions you should ask an SEO expert before employing them are listed above. By using these inquiries to guide your decision-making, you may select the ideal consultant for your needs.

Also, references are always a good thing to ask for. You want to make sure that the consultant you hire is someone that others have been happy with. Request references, then contact the people on the list.

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