4 Tried and Tested Ways To Diversify Your Digital Marketing

Jul 16, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All, Business Listings Management, SEO

Digital marketing is a complex and ever-evolving field. While every new frontier of technology and connectivity has brought countless ways to market your products and services, there are techniques and methodologies that have been developed after showing great success.

One important thing that most marketers recommend is to diversify your approach to digital marketing, but this raises the question of how. The internet is wide, limitless, and unforgiving, so how do we narrow down what should be done as part of a diverse marketing strategy?

Here are some of the tried and tested ways you can diversify your digital marketing:

  1. Chatbots
    Chatbots, also known as Conversational Commerce, have seen an increase in usage in most websites, particularly eCommerce stores, because of the benefits they offer a business owner.

    First, it allows 100 percent responsiveness to any message your shop receives. Second, it can address any customer’s concerns without needing someone to manage it most of the time.

    Not only do chatbots add a level of convenience to the customer experience, but it also subtracts labor from the business. A chatbot can be programmed to answer the most frequently asked questions, freeing up the precious time of you and your employees.

  1. Voice Search Optimization
    Voice search optimization is a relatively new field, jumping off from its predecessor, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As more and more people use smart devices and digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, search engines have had to adjust their algorithms to fit the changing user habits.

    One key difference between voice search and a regular search is that people are more likely to use complete sentences and questions, which is a world of difference from just entering keywords into a search bar. You must adjust your website and content accordingly so that it can be more easily tagged as relevant to its corresponding voice searches.

  1. Improving the user experience
    For many starting online businesses, it can be tempting to go for the bare minimum in web design. However, what many don’t know is that most consumers measure the legitimacy and credibility of a business by the quality of their website, especially ease of use and attractiveness.

    A website must load quickly—in two seconds or less—or risk losing sales and conversions. It must also be appealing to the eyes and easy to navigate. The customer needs to be able to take only a few steps as possible to buy a product or pay for a service.

  1. Get the most out of your data
    Beginning a digital marketing campaign without the aid of data analysis is like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean and hoping the right people will find it. Data analysis and research should inform nearly every aspect of your marketing, and even some aspects of your business operations.

    Data can tell you which aspects of your marketing are performing best, and which ones you might have to scale back. The data should also inform you when you need to re-stock your products and curb needless spending.


Whether you are marketing a product or a service, and whatever field you’re in, the approach to diversifying your digital marketing should generally follow the same steps. This can ensure that you’re taking a cost-effective and efficient path to success.

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