5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

Nov 19, 2020 | All, Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing, as we all know, is always changing, but there are a few practices that tend to stick. Most of the time, those that persist are good, but some practices are much less desirable. If you look back at different digital marketing practices from the past years, you might find several mistakes that multiple brands commit. These errors rear their ugly heads time and time again, and the best you can do is to be aware of what they look like. Awareness is always the key to avoiding these mistakes, so in this article, we’ll reiterate these digital marketing blunders for you to identify them more easily.

1- Not setting your goals

Digital marketing is a fast-paced environment where many things change, so you cannot jump from one campaign to the next just because you want to. You need to be careful and study your move each time. When planning to execute a digital campaign, set measurable targets that support your overall objectives. Without these goals, you’ll never know whether your campaign was effective and what areas you need to improve on. Without any basis on progress, it would be impossible for you to justify future marketing investments.

2 – Failing to review your analytics

There is no one-time formula for all campaigns because social media performance and results are different each time. Digital marketers must check their campaign performance continuously. That doesn’t mean making daily changes to your metrics. It means paying attention to the macro-trends that occur. Try to see the whole picture of your campaign performance, and regularly visiting your analytics can help you identify that.

3 – Forgetting to test before publishing

Before investing in optimizing one piece of content, make sure that it is the best content you have. As mentioned, there is no one formula for success, so testing content first before optimizing can help you make the right choice. You cannot merely guess the reasons behind a campaign’s failure. You need to understand what factors caused it to fail by figuring out what part of it didn’t work.

4 – Jumping on trends blindly

If you want your brand to stay on top of the digital game, jumping on bandwagons could help. Things change fast in the digital world, so you need to keep up with the latest technologies and strategies, and sometimes they require significant investments. The failure comes when brands dive into trends without assessing first whether it will be the best for the brand. Understand how this latest trend can impact your brand before deciding to take part in it.

5 – Talking to the wrong people

Even if you have the best content in the most optimized campaign, it won’t perform well if you are talking to the wrong people. When it comes to digital marketing, everything is about your audience. All your content should resonate with them for it to bring actual results.

Know everything about your audience first. Understand your people’s pain points. Determine what they’re looking for, and provide the solutions to their problems. Also, remember to meet them where they are so that your message reaches them effectively.


To make sure all your digital efforts are worth it in the end, you need to be sure that you are doing the right thing. That includes avoiding the mistakes other brands have made before. Keep this list of common mistakes in mind, and make sure to avoid them in all your future campaigns.

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