5 Creative Ways to Boost Content Engagement on Social Media

Jan 1, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Social Media

With the wealth of content on social media, it can be impossible to come up with unique and creative content guaranteed to boost your engagement. However, you can create more effective social media campaigns with a few key elements.

Here are five creative ways to improve your social media campaigns and communicate with your target audience.

1) Partner with Influencers

With the rise of visual social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, spending a lot of time and money producing expensive content that few people will watch doesn’t make sense. Instead, it would help to focus more on influencers who already have large followings and ready-made audiences.

In other words, you want to team up with influencers and pay them to promote your content. Research and find popular influencers that you believe use your products or services.

2) Hold Contests

One of the best ways to get people to share your content is to offer them an opportunity to win something in return.

If you run a business that sells food, you could run a contest that rewards one of your fans with dinner for two. If you are a swimming pool company, you could give away some free pool toys. If you are a manufacturing company, you could give away some free branded t-shirts.

3) Use Scheduled Posts

When you are gearing up to release a new product or service, you want to reach as many people as possible. To do this, you should use scheduled posts to ensure that your every post is seen by every follower you have.

While it is much easier to use your phone to post something to Instagram or Facebook quickly, you should avoid doing this. Instead, use the scheduling options on your social media platform to post at set times each day.

4) Avoid Too Much Text

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As a result, you want to keep your Facebook and Instagram posts as visual as possible.

While you might want to write a long, inspiring caption on Facebook and write a descriptive text post on Instagram, you should avoid it. Instead, use images to communicate as much of your message as you can in each post.

5) Maximize Your Use of Visuals

Don’t forget to take advantage of the powerful visual tools available to you. For example, adding emojis to your Instagram posts can help you express what you are feeling. Use quotes or small phrases at the bottom of your posts to give them a personal touch.

If you are using a visual social media platform, use images and videos to convey your message. 


Social media marketing is all about figuring out how to get your content in front of as much of your target audience as possible. Using these strategies, you can ensure that your posts get seen by more people, which means you are getting closer to your marketing goals. 

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