5 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Should Be Using

Oct 25, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing strategies are more powerful than ever before. And since the internet has become the primary tool for looking for legal help, law firms that don’t utilize these strategies are leaving money on the table.

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Search ads

It is important to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages for your law firm in order to promote your business, but it shouldn’t be used for advertising.

These sites are great sources of leads for lawyers if they are coming to you, but they aren’t the best channels to advertise your law firm. Simply because people who need lawyers don’t look for them on social media first. 

Instead, you should consider using search ads on Google or Bing. You can create ads that are targeted towards people who are already looking for you, which can cut your lead generation time in half.

The prospective client can then visit your site, explore your services and decide whether or not they want to work with you. And the good thing is that you only pay when someone interacts with your ad i.e. clicks on it, which is helpful for two reasons.

One, you know if your ad is working as intended. If people don’t click on your ad, you could work on it and improve the copy. And if people are clicking on it but aren’t converting into leads, then the problem could be with your site and you would know where to invest your money. 

Two, since you only pay when you get a click, you end up saving a lot more money on search ads than on social media, where you are required to pay for each impression – regardless of how many people interact with your ad.

Besides, more than 70% of users like seeing search ads on their screens, so you are better off investing in them. 

Content marketing

Creating content for your website is a great way to educate people about your practice. You can use articles, podcasts, videos, or infographics to help people learn about what you do. The rationale is that if people trust you enough to get their information from you, they will hire your services, too.

Besides the typical blog posts, here are some content formats that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy: 

  • Case studies Case studies are a great way to show how your law firm solves common conflicts. They allow you to demonstrate your expertise and are excellent for social proof.
  • Email series – As a law firm, you should have at least one email marketing campaign going at all times. It could be a basic, educational email series for your subscribers but they can help increase your conversions in the long run.
  • Social media posts – You can use social media as an effective means of outreach and engagement with potential clients or followers who are interested in what you do or could benefit from the services you offer. Moreover, they are a brilliant point of contact for people who are struggling to get through to you via your website.

Guest post on local news sites

When it comes to developing a reputation around the region, news sites are one of the most important places to start. And guest posting on these sites is how you earn your spot in prospective clients’ minds and build your reputation.

As a law firm, most of your clients will be local. Publishing on local news sites will help expose you to a local audience. If they find your post reliable and relatable, you will definitely etch your name in their memory.

Categorize your services

Many law firms make the mistake of not having a separate web page for each service they offer. They combine all of their services into a single web page, which isn’t very effective at converting visitors into leads or customers.

The information offered on the page seems crammed and it reduces the personalization factor, which is what converts visitors in the first place. As a result, the visitors don’t feel like you are talking to them and it drives them away.

Categorizing your services, on the other hand, helps you rank for the keywords that your potential customers are using to find you on search engines. 

So, if you offer legal services for personal injury and you want to rank well for the keyword “personal injury lawyer,” you need to create a web page that heroizes the search term “personal injury lawyer” and have content that sticks to the said keyword.

You can even go deeper into keyword optimization and rank your page for specific locations, such as “San Francisco personal injury lawyers” or “personal injury attorney San Francisco,” or perhaps even “Bay Area personal injury law firm.”

Having different service pages allows you to connect with targeted clients and address their specific pain points. It also improves your site’s layout and helps visitors better navigate it.

Optimize your site to make it faster

Most people looking for lawyers aren’t willing to be patient. ​If they can’t find what they are looking for on your site, they will give up and move on to your competition.

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Improving your website speed is one of many things you can do to improve your online conversion rate. Here are some ways you can start: 

  • Clean up dead links. Check for broken links on the navigation bar, the footer, and any other places where visitors can get lost. Use internal linking to help visitors find the information they need.
  • Optimize images. Images are a major source of slow-loading files that can eat up bandwidth and turn off visitors. Make sure each image is optimized for size and format, so it loads quickly.
  • Reduce unnecessary graphics, fonts, and flash content. Avoid using animated GIFs – they cause browsers to download additional files unnecessarily, slowing down the page load time even more.

Use graphics sparingly if you must. And if you do use them, include an option to disable them on each page to allow them to load quickly.

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