5 Digital Marketing Tips For Solar Companies

Jul 15, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing

In today’s society most people conduct an online research when it comes time to make any purchase. The same goes for the prospective solar customers as well—many go to the internet first to understand the entire process of going solar and identify the best local solar companies. 

In this new article we will discuss the variety of tools and platforms that solar companies can incorporate sharply into their digital solar marketing efforts.

1. Creating A Professional Website: Connect With Customers

A polished and organized website present a professional representation of the solar company and provides answers to frequently questions. Your website should also clearly showcase a company’s quality of work and leave a lasting impression with prospective clients. 

Contrariwise, an unorganized website can make a bad first impression and cost a company future consideration from customers.

2. Keep Leads Warm & Convert Them Into Customers

Once potential customers visit a solar company’s website, you want to make sure your digital marketing strategy provides a variety of ways to keep in touch and re-engage with website visitors as they may be thinking of turning to the solar ecosystem and are seeking help regarding the installation procedure.

Remarketing can deliver occasional ads to targeted individuals who have previously once in a while visited your website (or a specific page), helping to keep that company at the top of their minds.

3. Catch New Audiences By Social Media

Social media websites and applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram provide a platform for prospective customers to see the positive and negative experiences others consumers have had with a company. 

Moreover, if a solar company can cultivate engagement from current and past customers on social media, their impressions (likes and comments) will catch the attention of their friends and family— who possibly turn into that company’s next customers.

4. Email-Marketing

There are plenty of ways to encourage visitors to enter their email address on a solar company’s website so that companies can use email marketing to keep their interest and keep your solar company top of mind.

5. Track Success With Data Analytics

One of the biggest challenges of marketing has been that it is difficult to measure the results of different initiatives, like mailing flyers or putting up billboards. Whereas the benefit of digital solar marketing is that there are so many options to collect data and track the impact of certain campaigns every day. 

Google Analytics delivers a significant amount of information about visits to websites— from the number of visitors and how they arrived at a site to their general geographic location. Similarly, digital ads can track impressions (views) and clicks and many email services will allow companies to track open rates and click through rates (CTR) as well.

Companies can try new things and refine their digital marketing strategies based on the data – that works and drives traffic. Solar companies should make sure to keep record of the different marketing efforts to help evaluate the data effectively.

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