5 Email Campaigns Every Company Needs To Adopt

Apr 22, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

Email campaigns are great when brands want to directly keep in touch with their leads and current clients. In this article five types of such campaigns are mentioned that every company needs to adopt.

Businesses have to regularly revisit their marketing strategies to understand how they are faring. Pertinent questions that should often be asked include – are my old customers interested in my brand? How do I attract new customers and how do I initiate conversations and traction with them?

Email campaigns are one of the most trusted marketing tools. Business email campaigns help in directly reaching out to the customers. While there are several types of email marketing strategies, the one which you should focus on is Drip Email Marketing.

What is Drip Email Marketing?
Drip campaigns are usually a set of marketing emails that are sent periodically, on a schedule. The emails are automatically sent on a pre-determined schedule, which isn’t uniform for all leads. Emails are sent on varying actions or triggers (mostly initiated by end-users or leads). For example, a person will be sent an introductory mail once he signs up, a second mail will be sent a couple of days later to inform about offers and discounts. Another mail will reach within a week as a call-for-action. All these mails are pre-drafted and sent automatically based on pre-set instructions. There is nothing arbitrary in this form of email marketing campaign.

There are various types of drip email marketing strategies that your company can adopt to reach new leads and communicate with older ones. Below we mention five types –

  1. Welcome Campaigns – The first step to make your lead feel welcome and part of your family is to send a welcome email. These mails may be generic but they always address the lead by their registered names. The tone of the mail is friendly and they include all information about your brand, what you do and offer. Typically these emails are well-received and read more frequently by the recipients. The idea is to send the first email as soon as the lead signs up. Typically four to five emails are sent as part of a welcome campaign.
  2. Abandoned Cart Campaign – The average cart abandonment rate in 2019 was 79.17%. This means that majority leads leave your store without making a purchase, even though they added items to the cart. Something triggers them not to click on the “purchase” or “make payment” button. You send them emails reminding them about the items they left in the cart. There are many ways to urge them to buy the product(s), by writing simple things like – “We are sorry you left”, “what others are saying about the things on your cart”, “We have special offers running”, etc. The idea behind these emails should be to tell your customers what they are missing, what are the incentives waiting for them, and provide them with additional information about the products and services.
  3. Unsubscribe Campaign – Customers unsubscribe to email campaigns for various reasons. Maybe they aren’t displeased with you entirely but want to de-clutter their inbox or maybe they want to interact with you using other means. The aim of an unsubscribe campaign should be to bring back your customers without forcing them into it. These drip emails should say how sorry you are to let them go, to request them to complete a survey to help you improve your services, to tell them about your social media accounts and urge them to follow you back.

    Business Email Campaigns

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  4. Retargeting Campaign – This type of drip email campaign is meant to attract new leads. The idea is to reach potential customers by studying their browsing behavior (based on browser cookie data). You send follow-up emails on the “if this, then that” scenario and try to convince them to take actions. In most cases you would have located these potentials on when they visited your site but didn’t take any action or read your posts, commented but didn’t come back. Your follow up emails can have links to your blog or more information about your products or services.
  5. Post-Purchase Campaign – In a competitive business ecosystem, expecting your customers to be brand loyal is almost foolhardy. But the truth is that retaining a customer is easier than acquiring a new one. That’s why through post-purchase campaigns, you should address your valued customers who have taken action on your website and appreciate their efforts. You can email them about upcoming discounts or offer them loyalty rewards for their next purchase. You can also suggest them about similar products, offers etc.

These 5 email campaigns are great way to keep in touch with your customers. Use drip campaigns effectively and you will see the difference soon enough. If you need help in designing or setting up your email campaign, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to talk about your email goals and find the best course of action.

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