5 Pro SEO Tips For Divorce Attorney & Family Lawyers

Feb 14, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO

SEO Tips

SEO provides a number of unique opportunities to divorce and family law marketing. This exclusive guide for divorce lawyer SEO aims to get you more clients for your family law practice through your website. You will surely learn about some of the unique and effective-proven SEO techniques available to divorce and family law SEO. 

SEO Tip 1 – Technical SEO

Solving Any Technical Issues With Your Website such as ‘No Indexing’ Auto Generated Low Value Pages. Google is only able to access the pages we want it to access, while preventing it from accessing content we don’t want it to show.

Say, You can see WordPress generates a lot of archive pages that add little value to any website. Numbers of unnecessary pages of category archives, tag archives, date archives, and author archives on your website that provide zero value to the user does not send positive signals to Google – that your website is high quality.

So to avoid this you must add a noindex tag to these archives so Google doesn’t waste your budget crawling and indexing them.

SEO Tip 2 – Deliver the Preferred Version of Your Website

Another Technical SEO issue is to make sure there’s only one version of your website being enrolled in Google.

In most of the cases, you can find that both the www and non-www versions of your website are available. As a result, a number of issues become visible, including the mixing of links, holding back the potential impact of links earned from other websites.

Even sometimes you may find that while you have an SSL installed on your website, the non-https version of your website may still be available.

This means that if someone, connected with wifi, were to access the non-encrypted version of your website and fill out your contact form, pretty much anyone surfing on that network could easily intercept that person’s personal information. This particular concern is not only a Technical SEO issue, but potentially a legal one as well.

SEO Tip 3 – Check What the Top Results Cover

When you will be targeting a particular query, make sure you’re looking over all the top results that normally Google offers after a search being conducted with any keyword. Make sure you enter all the important subtopics to be displayed – that may possibly cover top results.

SEO Tip 4 –  Check “People Also Ask”

5 Pro SEO Tips For Divorce Attorney & Family Lawyers | Cyrusson

This section of the search engine results is auto generated based on what Google believes is related to the query a user has entered. You better know that it thinks they’re related to the keyword you’re targeting.

SEO Tip 5 –  Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a surefire way to earn links. It is basically a process to become a contributor to other websites. At the very least, you will be able to gain a link in the author bio. At best, you will be able to use links to content on your website through your guest posts.

Guest posting is a time-consuming process though:

  • You have to find websites relevant to family law
  • You must find the contact information of the editor
  • Next, you need to pitch the article
  • You need to write the article
  • Finally, you have to send the article, then follow up to ensure it’s actually published

SEO Tip 6 – Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the systematic process of finding dead pages on the website that already have a number of links, recreating the content, and then reaching out to the linking websites to ask them to remove the previous link.It seems even more time-consuming than guest posting, but it can potentially generate tons of links.

Doing broken link building as a part of an SEO plan for divorce lawyers is imposing to some extent. It is difficult but not impossible to find content relevant to divorce or family law that would make sense on a law firm’s blog. Our agency will look for these opportunities for your law firm.

SEO Can Have a Massive Impact for Divorce Lawyers

Other areas of law have to struggle to secure a healthy rank on Google’s SERPs for something like “personal injury lawyer near me,”. Whereas, Divorce Attorney & Family Lawyers SEO can be quite easy to start generating leads. Cyrusson has just made the entire SEO-Campaign even more easy-going for you — or if you want the SEO Experts to handle your SEO Campaign, feel free to book a call with us today!


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