5 Great Reasons to Convert to Mobile Responsive Web Design

Sep 16, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

Today, most industries are mobile-first, making responsive web design a necessity. Regardless of industry, having a website with optimized content and design is a standard part of a digital marketing plan.

Google prioritizes websites geared for mobile and smartphone devices. They do this becauseĀ people tend to favor mobile devicesĀ for surfing the internet. If responsive design’s rewards are not yet clear to you, here are a few things that might convince you to make the switch.

It improves your site usability

Time on page is part of Google’s criteria for determining a site’s value. If your website is responsive, it makes navigating easier for visitors. As a result, you improve user experience and improve their time on your site. If you have good usability scores, you tend to attract repeat visitors.

It helps your site load faster

Aside from usability, Google alsoĀ recommendsĀ responsive web design because it ensures faster page speed. Ranking for search results means monitoring page loading times as well. A website should load as quickly as possible because that leads to more people staying on the site.

If your page is slow to load, it gives people a reason to click away. Fast loading times also give the impression that you look after all aspects of your business, which means you will be attentive to clients’ or customers’ needs.

It decreases your bounce rate

The first impression of your page is the most crucial factor in getting people to stay. You might have beautifully-written content, but people will leave if the website design does not showcase it properly. Mobile responsiveness also involves making your page clean, the navigation straightforward, and the content placed strategically.

It helps you trim down content

Some brands use separate websites for mobile and desktop, which means they have different URLs for the two. However, this can cause you to have duplicate content, which could harm your rankings. Unless you make it clear to Google which pages to index, they will automate this, which results in lower rankings.

Digital marketingĀ is much easier if you have a mobile responsive website. With one site, you do not have to worry about duplicate content messing up your rankings.

It makes social sharing easier

Social shares do not affect your rankings directly, but it helps you build an audience. More visitors to your website means greater engagement and more instances of your brand name appearing in Google searches, all of which work towards improving your rankings.

If you do not optimize your website for mobile and smartphone users, they will find it challenging to navigate your sharing buttons. No one wants to zoom into a page to click on its buttons for sharingā€”make it convenient for people to get the word out about your brand and design your website to adapt to smaller screens.


Mapping out your content plan and designing a beautiful website is only the start of building an audience. It is not enough that you create something that people will like; you also have to direct them to it. Once you ensure that your website has good content and is mobile responsive, you will surely find a loyal following.

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