5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hire a Cheap SEO Firm

Feb 21, 2023 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

Cheap SEO firms can deny you the opportunities you are looking for and hurt your campaign. Here are five convincing reasons you shouldn’t hire a cheap SEO company.

Digital Marketing isn’t optional anymore. In a world that is being increasingly digitized, your brand needs to build a strong online footprint. While you can invest in different digital marketing strategies, SEO or search engine optimization remains the fulcrum of your digital marketing campaign. While bigger brands invest millions of dollars in their SEO campaigns, small businesses must take local SEO campaigns seriously.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved, and it is a competitive space. Half-hearted or basic SEO efforts won’t yield results as your competitors aggressively promote their business and website on search engines. You must hire an SEO company with professional knowledge and sound tactics to deliver results in this competitive ecosystem.

Hiring a professional SEO company isn’t cheap. A company with expertise and a proven record might surprise you with its premium rates. Many businesses instead opt for cheap SEO firms that offer them a “good deal.” It is a costly mistake you must avoid. In the worst case, a cheap SEO company can spell doom for your business. Here are five convincing reasons you should avoid hiring a cheap SEO firm.

1 – Old and Outdated Techniques

SEO experts must stay updated with the latest techniques and search engine algorithms. A cheap SEO firm cannot hire the best talent and rely on outdated or ineffective strategies. Many of these agencies don’t optimize the website themselves and work by outsourcing their work to third-party contractors who lack the latest know-how.

In many cases, these agencies employ the cookie-cutter approach to all campaigns instead of implementing tailored strategies based on the brand’s market dynamics, competition, and goals. They employ old strategies such as keyword stuffing or low-quality link building can harm your website’s search engine rankings, given the latest search algorithms that focus on quality and user experience.

2 – Low-Quality Content

“Content is King,” as everyone in the SEO industry would say. When you hire an SEO company, you expect them to write captivating content for your brand. It is the most important element in your campaign, as search engines rank websites based on the content’s value for the users.

A cheap SEO company often produces low-quality content. They write generic content lacking a personal touch. It fails to communicate the brand’s story, mission, and vision to the target audience. They don’t have domain-expert writers and get their content written by generalists who don’t invest time and effort in researching and personalizing the content for the audience.

3 – Black Hat SEO Techniques

It is the biggest danger to hiring a cheap SEO firm. They tend to adopt a short-term approach, relying on Black-Hat SEO techniques to boost rankings and traffic. These shady and unethical SEO strategies may deliver results in the short term but can deliver a killer blow to your brand.

It is important to note that Google and other search engines declared war on these unethical practices. They constantly look out for websites that implement Black-Hat SEO techniques and delist them. Once delisted from the Search Engine Results Pages, your website is as good as non-existent. When hiring an SEO company, you must know the techniques that will be used to optimize your website.

4 – Long-Term Relationship

Easy money is the main motivation for a cheap SEO company. They don’t care about their reputation or the length of the relationship with the client. They aim to get a project and make a killer profit caring very little for the campaign’s outcome for their clients. SEO is for the long run, and you can bank on such agencies to drive growth and success over a long-time frame.

They aren’t in the game to build long-term relationships with their clients and focus on short-term profits. When they are overwhelmed by negative comments and reviews that hurt their business, it is easy for such businesses to close shop and start afresh in a new avatar.

5 – Transparency & Confidentiality

Transparency isn’t one of the USPs of cheap SEO agencies. If you choose one, you must live with the lack of transparency. They won’t share your campaign plan and strategies with you and hide them in the name of “trade secret.” They don’t allow clients to interact directly with the team working on these projects. It can result in communication gaps and failure to implement strategies as desired.

These agencies are notorious for selling business data to competitors, one of their many revenue streams. Ethical practices don’t bind such agencies as they don’t play the long game. Cheap agencies don’t always transfer business data and analytics reports with their clients. They make it difficult for their clients to switch to a different agency


These reasons are convincing, aren’t they? The upfront cost of hiring a cheap SEO agency may be attractive, but the long-term consequences could be dangerous. It is often said that you get what you pay for, and when you hire an SEO company that sells itself as the “cheapest SEO firm,” you fall into a trap. A well-run marketing campaign has the potential to drive business growth and offers you excellent ROI. At the same time, a shabby campaign from a cheap SEO Firm can limit your opportunities.

At Cyrusson Inc., we are a reputable SEO agency that has delivered success for clients. We aren’t a cheap SEO firm and don’t promise to offer you the cheapest service. Instead, we focus on ROI and putting your business ahead of the competition. We have an experienced team of campaign managers, marketers, and copywriters to deliver on the promise. Call us today to hire an SEO company that believes in a long-term relationship.

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