5 SEO Myths You Need To Stop Believing In 2021

Mar 17, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

Most businesses have moved their operations to the online setting. In this modern world, brands have to reach their customers using online marketing, and one integral part of this is search engine optimization (SEO).

If you are familiar with online marketing, you may have already heard about SEO. It can work wonders for your sales and marketing strategies if done right. Chances are you may already have SEO tactics included in your digital marketing strategies. However, are you sure you are executing these SEO tactics correctly to make the most of your marketing efforts?

5 SEO Myths That Should Stop Circulating in 2021

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing, and it can help you reach as many potential customers as possible. However, there are many wrong notions about SEO that seem to be making rounds. Here are some of the most common SEO myths you should be aware of.

1 – Content Is the Only Thing You Need

Many people have the notion that having good content is enough for SEO to work. While high-quality content is a must, there are other aspects of digital marketing that will also need to be focused on, such as social media marketing and conversion rate marketing.

2 – You Can Get to #1 Easily

One very grave mistake is the thinking that it is easy to get to the number one slot. Unless you are a well-known brand that requires little to no marketing, it will take an immense amount of effort and work to reach the first page of search results, let alone the number one result. 

3 – There Is No Need to Link to Other Sites

Some people fear linking to other sites because they think customers will not return once they have clicked away from your website. However, customers who find true value in your website will always return to see what else you can offer. On top of that, they will appreciate that you provide useful links when they need them.

4 – Link Building Isn’t Important

Linking to other sites is a great way to show that your brand is reliable, provided that the links you share are of reliable sites as well. Making sure of the quality of the links you provide will ensure that they will be useful for customers. Nobody will appreciate links that are not usable.

5 – SEO Is Not Needed

This is a myth that can certainly be the death of any online business. Many think that they can survive the online sales world without SEO. However, this is untrue, especially for newly established businesses. A strong SEO strategy is needed for them to get ahead of their competitors and reach their target audience.


SEO is extremely important if you want to get to the top of relevant search engine results and be seen by your target customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newly opened business or have already been hailed as an industry leader; SEO is a must if you want to truly succeed online.

No matter how good your products or services are, you will never get the maximum ROI if you do not invest in the proper SEO and online marketing strategies. If you are new to this, you can always hire a marketing agency to help you reach these goals. A digital marketing firm will get you where you need to be in terms of your digital marketing initiatives.

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