5 Social Media Marketing Executions To Get Engagements

Feb 3, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Today, social media is such a part of daily life that it has become an essential platform for digital marketing. It’s a solid investment to make, considering that over half of the global population is on social media now.

With the tons of ideas and gimmicks out there, it’s important to keep things ahead of the curve if you want to keep your audience engaged. Not only are you trying to keep loyal consumers, but you’re also trying to expand your reach.

Hold Contests and Freebie Sprees

If there are simple yet effective ways to garner attention, it would be the promise of getting things for free and the possibility of winning something. People love to participate in contests and giveaways, especially when it comes at no cost for them.

Capitalize on this by holding contests and going on freebie giveaway sprees that require users to like, share, and engage your platforms in various ways for them to be eligible. You just need to settle on what you are actually giving and whether or not they are feasible. You don’t want to end up burning through your inventory at a loss or not having what you promised to send out.

Social Media Marketing

Set Up Q&A Sessions

There’s something about social media that really feeds into people’s curiosity and their need to get the scoop on every other user and page. Consider setting up live streams and general AMAs to encourage visitors to send in questions and interact with your page.

These also improve brand perception as you are able to share information and insights that potentially make you more relatable and transparent to audiences.

Get a Social Media Takeover

This is the activity where someone else takes over all of your social media accounts temporarily (usually just for a day at most). The way to spark interest with this execution is by tapping into popular social media influencers and celebrities. It will be even more interesting if you reach out to popular users who publish content in line with your brand’s services.

Successful social media takeovers can add a lot of buzz and followers because of other fanbases and audiences crossing over.

Hop Onto The Meme Machine

This is one of the simplest things you can do to spruce up your social media plan. People love sharing memes, especially when they have gone on the unstoppable viral use train. Make memes and interact with other page memes to draw those users to your page.

A boutique digital marketing agency should be able to personalize these trending themes in a way that fits your brand voice and image.

Start a Regular Series

You are more likely to get consistent engagements if your audience has something that they already know they can look forward to. Set up a social media calendar and figure out recurring themes and types of series that you can start plotting for the future.

This even makes random or time-constricted posts stand out more. Consider making a regular series and figure out how often you can feasibly release for it.


When a marketing agency creates a social media campaign plan, it is rooted in major points of execution that define how your consumers will be reached. What makes this so important is how that customer journey leads to actual conversion. After all, you want quantifiable results that lead to a profit.

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