5 Tips In Designing A High-Converting Landing Page

Jul 20, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All, Digital Ads

A landing page is a single web page where users are led into after clicking an online advertisement, e-newsletter link, marketing promotion, or a search engine optimized search result. It functions as a conversion funnel, as this carries the initial credibility of a brand that the audience sees. This is why ad agencies ensure that landing pages are made to be convincing, informational, alluring, and flawless.

When designing a landing page, your goal should be to make it effective in convincing visitors to purchase or subscribe to what you offer. Your brand and branding should also stand out the first time a visitor would click on it.

If you want to design a high-converting landing page, here are five tips that you should consider:

  1. Provide straightforward yet convincing content
    With a landing page, you only have one chance to convince visitors to purchase or subscribe to your offer. This is why you should make it as straightforward as possible. Regardless of the offer, you should highlight your unique value proposition (UVP). It is a clear statement that tells how your products or services would benefit the visitors, and how your brand is superior to its competitors.

    You should write your content with plain language as to how you talk to a regular person, and showcase your UVP to the following sections of your landing page:

  • The heading
  • The subheading
  • The call-to-actions
  • The product or service benefits
  • The lead generation forms
  1. Place compelling visuals
    Since your text is simple and direct, adding imagery and videos will make your landing page more interesting and alluring, providing higher chances of conversions.

    People are naturally attracted to visuals, which is why ad agencies include visuals into landing pages to build stronger connections and statements. Doing this can also help highlight your UVP as they can showcase your products in a way that text cannot.

    Here are several visuals ideas you can place in your landing page:

  • Close up and creative photographs of your products
  • Video explainer of your product or service
  • Short commercials of your product filled with emotional cues
  • Slideshows of images of your previous customers holding your products
  • Video review of your product or service
  1. Build your credibility
    One of the best ways you can convince visitors to purchase or subscribe to your offer is by showing them how other people have enjoyed the benefits of your products. Create a section in your landing page dedicated to the following:
  • Testimonials
  • Product ratings
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  1. Install social media plug-ins
    To get higher leads, engagements, and conversion rates, you should make your landing page “shareable” to various social media sites. Social media is an excellent platform for sharing your content as many people are active on these sites, and influence is easily attainable.

    Get targeted leads by putting only the plug-ins of social media sites where your target audience is. You should also include your business email address to allow potential customers to contact you for inquiries.

  2. Optimize for mobile devices
    Most online users today browse social media and websites through their mobile devices, which is why advertising agencies ensure that their landing pages are accessible and compatible with mobile devices. By optimizing your landing page for mobile users, you allow a wider audience to reach and know about your offers.


Landing pages make it possible for brands and customers to connect quickly. With these, businesses can highlight their products or services and convince their target audience to purchase their offer at the same time. For it to be effective and get high conversion rates, ad agencies design it in a way that is straightforward yet entertaining and persuasive for the audience. Although the overall design may be simple, every element should represent a unique value proposition.

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