7 Mistakes Businesses Make with Google Ads

Feb 25, 2021 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing

To get the desired outcome through a digital marketing campaign, you need to put your message in front of the target audience. This is what Google Ads helps you with because it connects businesses with consumers in search of their specific services. However, a lot of business owners make a few of the most common mistakes. If you have made up your mind to run a paid marketing campaign with Google Ads, here is something to share with you.

Below are 7 Mistakes Businesses Make with Google Ads, which you should always try to avoid.

1. Using Too Many Keywords in A Set

During an ideal situation, it would be appropriate to create a PPC ad and a unique landing page for each keyword set that you want to target. This serves to enhance the user experience and helps to target only the relevant audience. However, to start with, don’t use more than 10 keywords. It will relieve you from the overburden of using too many and irrelevant keywords for ads and their landing pages.

2. Following a “Search Network with Display Select” Campaign Strategy

The search and display formats used by Google AdWord need different advertising approaches. You can choose display, search or both of these strategies. However, you should follow those practices that are accepted by the industry.

3. Targeting Keywords That Are Too Broad

Being a new advertiser, it won’t be appropriate to go for the broad keywords. This is so, as targeting these keywords would drain most of your ad budget. On the contrary, try to use 5 to 10 long-tail keywords. You can choose the best possible options through Google Webmaster Tools.

4. Failing to Measure ROI

For running successful Google Ads campaigns, you need to follow a predesigned mechanism to analyze the performance of each campaign. To know what types of paid clicks convert into leads and then customers, make sure to measure the ROI. By tracking the conversions it would be easy for you to design your campaign in a more specific way. This gives you an insight that which campaign should be continued and which one should be dropped.

5. Using the Homepage as a Landing Page

This is one of the most common mistakes made by a wide range of digital marketers. When visitors land directly on the homepage of your website, they need to search for the relevant information. This may lead to a higher bounce rate or lower conversion rate. Therefore, every visitor that comes through Google Ad must land on a specifically designed landing page. Such a landing page should be engaging, informative, and relevant. Hence, you must pay more attention while creating custom landing pages for each Google Ad campaign.

6. Failure to Rotate Ad Variations

When you create multiple ad variations, you can choose the default setting provided by Google.  This type of setting shows an ad more frequently, which performs better. This would help you to generate maximum ROI through the overall campaign.

However, there is a downside to it, which relates to the fact that it won’t help you to run a split test. The reason being is an uneven frequency of the ad variation.

Intending to address this issue, you need to customize your Google Ad’s Account. Just go to the “Settings” section and then click on “Advanced Settings.” Among the given four choices, you should choose the “Rotate Indefinitely” option.

7. Not Paying Attention to Negative Keywords

If you run a website that sells women’s shoes, the Google Ads campaign related to “women’s shoes” could match with phrases like “cheap women’s shoes” or “designer women’s shoes”. So if a visitor lands on your site through “cheap women’s shoes” query, he/she probably won’t convert into your customer. Therefore, by adding the  “-cheap” as a negative keyword you can keep these unwanted visitors away. Since every click comes with a price, you can save a lot by using negative keywords. This would help to minimize the number of irrelevant clicks.

Final Words

Although every PPC advertiser starts with positive intentions, getting the desired outcome isn’t always promised. This means you need some experience of running such campaigns in the past. If you are new, make sure to avoid the7 Mistakes Businesses Make with Google Ads. In this way, you can enhance profitability by seeking maximum ROI through paid marketing campaigns.

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