7 Things To Consider For Your Business’s Social Media Page

Aug 28, 2020 | Social Media, All, Digital Marketing

There are many social media sites today, making it easy for companies to reach their core consumers via their social media page. This proliferation is a double-edged sword, though, as companies try to shoehorn their brand identity into the unique spaces created by social media.

You do not have to be online everywhere, but you need to be where your audience congregates. Here are seven things to consider when deciding which platforms to use for your digital advertising.

 Your audience’s profile

Choose the social media platform where you find your ideal customer. For example, Pinterest has older female millennials and younger female baby boomers, while Snapchat and TikTok have mostly Gen Z users. Millennials make up the majority of Facebook and Twitter users, and YouTube is predominantly male.

Their browsing habits

Aside from knowing where they are, you must also understand what they get out of the platform. For instance, Snapchat and TikTok users are after a specific kind of humor or a particular content format. If your brand cannot deliver, your account on these sites will not get as much engagement.

Your brand’s unique offerings

Do not post every day about all current events or national “days.” You cannot be everything to everyone; if you do not sell tortilla wrap or Mexican food, perhaps you should rethink posting a social media update for Taco Tuesday. Know what your business brings to people, and deliver content that aligns with it.

Your business goals

Why do you sell your products or services? Get clear on your brand narrative so you can be more effective in reaching your target audience. People buy based on emotion, and if you do not align your social media presence with your company’s professed values, it will make people think twice about buying from you.

Your social media goals

Set expectations for your brand’s social media presence before you go online. Do not just create an account and start posting without truly understanding what you want to gain. Reaching your audience is the first goal, but what comes after that?

When launching a new product, the techniques you employ are different from the ones you use to get more people to jump onto a rewards program. You must have clear goals for your pages.

Your specializations

Perhaps you aren’t an e-commerce site; instead, you offer services. Whether you are an interior designer or an online marketing services specialist, you should be on LinkedIn.

Other platforms are optional; this one is the most significant space for service providers. On LinkedIn, you can join groups that would interest your ideal client and start networking. As with other platforms, having a clear action plan is the key.

Your brand’s performance across platforms

After you have had your site up for a while, you must conduct A/B testing to see which spaces help you reach your business goals. Some sites simply resonate more with your audience, and you should focus on getting content out for those.


Your company cannot pursue social media marketing without committing to it. Choose a few platforms and deliver value to your target market through those. This gives you the best ROI and makes all the effort of building an audience worth it.

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