8 Must-Have Elements for Law Firm Websites

Jul 3, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, Website Development

Law firms need qualified, experienced website designers to build an attractive & intuitive website that can help them connect with their stakeholders. 

To have a stellar website that shows your professionalism and ability to be relevant in the industry today is not less than a challenge. Although it is relatively easy to get a site whipped up in minutes, there are, however, a few elements that need to be put in place for your law firm’s best success. Let’s discuss them here:

Company Logo and Color Scheme

When you design a website for your law firm, consider using company logo as a representation of your work. Your logo defines a theme & a color scheme. Color scheme play a vital role here based on the psychology of the target audience.

When you try to see the big brands, you can easily connect with their logo, color scheme and website design.

Modern & Intuitive Layout

The navigation and layout of your website are very important factors on how users experience your website. Evaluating them can be crucial to creating a better engaging website for your business.

Now let’s imagine the prospect is at your website homepage, doing some research on the firm. With an interesting introduction, dynamic content and different related content you can still lure them in with curiosity. They will start exploring with the links you have added with the content and navigation menu.

Layout planning & navigation menu is one of the most important consideration for your website. You want important pages to be present in the main navigation menu.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design

With the increase in mobile users, modern websites need to be properly adaptive for mobile devices.

Responsive Design refers to a website’s ability to adjust or change layout according to the device.

More and more people browse the web through their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In November 2016, a study shows, 51% of all website views came from mobile devices. In order for your site to retain users, responsiveness of your website is a key element to be considered.

Eye-Catching Visuals 

Your site has one chance to make an impression, so it’s important to tell your potential clients the right story. A professional design with strong visuals tells that story. Pictures speak 1,000 words, so beautifully capturing your business or product is crucial.

In order to have great visual content, take professional photography throughout your office or when you have a promotion event. You should take pictures without an unnatural appearance in order not to look over-staged. Use professional photography when possible and find a company that specializes in your industry in order to appeal to consumers interested in your service.

Also, keep your readers engaged by incorporating appealing visuals into your content as well. Animated graphics or flashing text can be distracting for readers, but using video to include testimonials or tutorials can be an effective way to provide key information in a short amount of time.

Fast Page Speed

Companies that invest heavily in SEO and digital marketing for their site need to be aware of the traffic due to website load times. Fast load times can help prevent such an issue as it gives more time for important web browsing decisions.

When it comes to your website’s load times, time really is money. Going too slow can cost you visitors, money, and ROI.

Case Studies

Case studies help organizations to understand probabilities and possible results, and share it with potential clients.

When speaking with potential clients, you want your case study to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you bring to this field of law. It will inspire trust and interest in your case since they can see and read it for themselves.

A case study involves storytelling, placing the reader into the position of your client. Add to that using an excellent case results’ example and don’t forget call to action and easy to reach contact/lead generation forms.

Telling a compelling story with your case results is nothing new, but what if you put some context into the beginning of it? All too often, attorneys start with the results, but that leaves a gap – how did they get from point A to point B? Attorneys who work on providing guidance for others should always take care to show that the solutions they offer are effective.

Practice Areas

To ensure visitors immediately understand what KPIs your law firm offers, consider implementing practice area pages. These pages contain the information a website visitor needs to know before they reach out to your team.

Informative practice area pages help visitors learn more about their situation, whether your law firm can help them, and what action they can take. Good practice area pages are visual, contain neat call-outs, highlight pertinent points you don’t want to miss, and communicate your message visually so people will remember it.

Break down your practice area pages into broader topics, and after a while, try to be more specific. For example, have a broad overview for each type of legal service you provide.  

Blog Articles Specific To Your Practice Area

A blog on your law firm’s website can drive a lot of visitors to your website. With so many people having internet access nowadays, it won’t take long for those blogs to start driving traffic to your site. In fact, Inbound.org found that as many as 68% of users use the web search as their first research point on making any purchase decisions these days!

Write SEO friendly content around your industry in your blog. Get it ranked and enjoy the business growth. 


To succeed as a law firm, your website can be your first move in order to create a digital presence. It has to follow digital marketing strategies to get organic and targeted traffic. The above listed elements can be helpful in planning and creating one of the best law websites ever. If you have any question, feel free to contact us or book a call for your law firm’s website creation!

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