9 Helpful Blog Topics For Car Accident Lawyers

Feb 8, 2022 | All, Content Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO

Blog Ideas for Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident lawyers blog ideas can be a bit difficult to come up with to some extent, especially if you’re not a professional writer. This is a very sensitive topic for sure. A car accident death case – you successfully defended – may not seem like a great choice to publish on your blog post section impudently. Besides, the world of possibilities is almost endless. Better start with basic content ideas, which can help your website find much more engagement.

1. Claiming Process

Accident victims will possibly have many questions about the claiming process in general. Select your queries and answers to defend victims questions. These types of blogs can convert visitors into leads and clients by selling them in exchange for hiring an attorney.

2. Provide Basic Legal Advice

Regarding your area of expertise, give your audience some basic legal advice on a specific problem. This normally covers a range of topics:

  • Motor vehicle accidents like Bus, Truck accidents
  • Auto accidents, 
  • Motorcycle accidents

3. Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can perform more serious injuries and can even be fatal. You can write helpful articles on this topic that discuss how fault is determined in a pedestrian collision. 

4. Explain The Qualifications 

Many clients think about how a personal injury law firm differs from other ones. Use a post or two to explain exactly what makes your law firm in this specialty unique, including basic background information and real-life examples.

5. Ridesharing (UBER) Accidents

With more ride-sharing like Uber drivers and similar service providers on the roads, there are more injuries caused by accidents involving drivers of these corporations. Whenever an accident occurs at the fault of a Uber driver, report on the story in your blog.

In addition, you can also write posts on how accidents involving these motorists could potentially affect the outcome of a claim.

6. Provide Safety Tips

You may find this type of content counterintuitive at first, but it can actually play a core role in client acquisition: leverage your blog to provide common safety tips for potential clients.

7. Write Common Causes of Accidents

There are different causes for motor vehicle accidents, from driving while impaired, to poor road conditions, improper operation of the vehicle, texting and distracted driving. Make blogs that deal with this topic and the implications of each cause.

8. Target Your Local Community

Most personal injury law firms attract local clients. And local clients, in turn, will expect information specifically related to their situation. Concentrating your local topic means not just attaching your name to the personal interests of your audience, but also optimizing your local SEO.

9. Accident Statistics

Blog content on statistics will back your firm’s ability to earn and build backlinks for your law firm. This builds up the authority and credibility of your firm in the eyes of search engines, which will in exchange rank you higher for lucrative car accident and personal injury keywords.

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