A Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Website

Jul 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

All businesses and brands aim to get high conversion rates these days. This is done by driving traffic to your website. Traffic not only helps  increasing your rank on search engines, but is an excellent way to get good conversion rates. Every business owner probably wants “more customers or leads” for its business. Are you a business owner and trying to get more traffic to your respective website? No need to worry, here is a guide that will help you drive traffic to your website and that too in simple easy steps.

Analyze Your Website

The first and foremost step is to analyze your website and make an audit for the same.  This audit will help you identify any kind of issue on your website that is preventing it from getting more traffic. The audit includes fixing all the technical problems, broken links, mobile and desktop speed for your website and duplicate content issues. This is the first major step towards building a strong website for driving good traffic and conversion. If you’re unsure how to audit you website and entire digital presence, we offer you to use our Digital Presence Report Tool.

Applying Various SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy and one of the best ways to rank high on search engines and drive traffic to your website.  All this involves choosing the right keywords for your website, performing competitor analysis, good Meta tags, Meta descriptions, image alt-text, blog posts, internal and external linking, taking care of the keyword density and keyword stuffing.

The types of keywords you choose have a deep impact on your website’s traffic. You need to focus more on long-tail keywords as compared to short tail keywords as they cover most part of a user’s search query. All this will definitely help your website to get a good rank on search engines and thus getting good traffic and conversion rate for your business!

Building backlinks is an organic method of getting traffic without spending money! These are links to your website from any other website which help drive traffic to your website. This helps to increase the credibility of your website.

Highly Unique and Useful Content

Content is very important for a website. This is why it should be highly unique, useful and engaging for the users which would make them come back to your site again and again. The length, format, heading etc need to be taken proper care of. Heading is the most important part that drives users towards your content. Videos, images and info graphics in between the text or blog also make it attractive and engaging for the users.

Guest Post

This is done on a high-authority website and is one of the best ways to boost your SEO rankings and organic traffic for your website. When you do a guest post on another website, then you will get a backlink to your site. This will improve the reliability of your website and can help drive traffic to your website.

Using Social media

Social Media Marketing is the best way to engage customers and get traffic to your site. Social media sites and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube can easily drive a lot of traffic to your business website. All this is done by making an effective social media strategy and then participating in various communities and group discussions with proper hash tags. This will engage many customers online.

Different potential customers can approach with the help of instagram and as it has become a widely used and popular platform for sharing photos and connecting with people around the world. LinkedIn is also the great marketing platform and helps in making your website highly important among users.

Proper Advertisement

Advertisements help drive traffic and thus build your brand through proper engagement with the customers.  It helps you get connected to your customers every time. This is done by making a proper goal and strategy about what are the actual requirements for the business and the kind of traffic that is required for good conversion rates. You should choose your targeted keywords wisely according to your business competition.

Customizing your Content

The most important thing that people look for today is fresh content! Freshness of content should be done by replacing the old content that has expired with new one. Websites that provide fresh and evergreen content to its users are considered by the search engines which thereby increase traffic. Always remember: Content is King!

Your Website needs to be Mobile-Responsive and Fast

Your website should be responsive and fast on every device like mobile phones, tablets, PC’s. Users should be comfortable in using your website on every device they use.  They will leave and move on to any other site if they feel any kind of problem while using the website which shall negatively affect your traffic.  This is quite obvious because no one would like to spend time on a website that is slow!  A slower website has a higher bounce rate which loses. Your page should be fully optimized, with proper images of definite size, proper page structure and plugins. The more your site loading speed, the larger amount of traffic it will get!

If you are a business owner and worried about your website or entire digital presence, we got you covered! For more information, feel free to contact us and get the answers to all your questions.

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