Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing: 6 Organic Steps To Grow Your Law Practice

Mar 1, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing

There is no difference whether you’re a solo bankruptcy attorney in a small provincial town or a multi-location law firm in the middle of the city. All you need is to attract new clients to grow your business.

Bankruptcy lawyers help those going through tough times file bankruptcy and start fresh. Most of the lawyers in this field are actively looking for new and better ways to market and grow their law firms.

If you’re looking for the most effective bankruptcy attorney firm marketing strategies and tactics, then check out the most popular, high-ROI methods recommended by us below.

Identify Your True clients

If you fail to target the right customers with your marketing, it may get very expensive and does nothing to grow your law firm. With all the tools available at your hand and some time spent, it’s very simple to become highly targeted with your marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click Ads

Lawyers can take great advantage of this advertising channel to effectively and profitably generate more calls and inquiries for bankruptcy matters.

Create Emotional Value

Your digital marketing strategy requires messages that reflect the brand you want to portray from the very start. With the state of bankruptcy, your clients may be going through some of the worst days of their lives. Deliver some strong emotional elements (Blogs/Eye-catchy Title) for most of your potential clients. They really need support at this testing and stressful time.

Google Ads

Google Search Ads has been trending as and remains one of the most effective marketing methods that bankruptcy lawyers can use to sign up more clients. Cyrusson wrote articles about Google Ads, how it is helpful for Bankruptcy Attorneys and shared the top tips for optimizing your Google ad campaigns to generate leads.

Provide Great User Experience

Your website can be the hub of all your marketing activities. It’s actually worth taking the time to get it right. Most of the bankruptcy law firms are not focusing on improving usability for clients and this is where you can profit. Your steadfast efforts here will turn user interest into tangible leads.

Facebook Ads for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Facebook Ads are very popular. Facebook serves as an effective way to generate leads and new business when properly used to create and run ad campaigns.

In conclusion, following these six organic steps should help any bankruptcy law firm grow their company. While there is no guarantee of success, implementing these tips will put your law firm in a much better position to attract new clients and grow your law practice. Need help strategizing? Book a free consultation with Cyrusson and we’ll be happy learn about your law practice to figure out the best marketing strategies to apply!

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