Can A Marketing Agency Guarantee Results?

Mar 21, 2023 | All, Business Development, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Marketing agency guarantee is the biggest farce. This write-up examines why no agency can guarantee results and why you must avoid such agencies that make such promises.

Lifting the Curtains from Impossible Marketing Promises and Predictions

As a client, you might have encountered marketing agencies, some of which guarantee results like ranking on the first page of Google or assured ROI or a specific amount of leads per month. It is tempting and nearly impossible to ignore such promises of guaranteed results. It is obvious that when choosing an agency, you would be looking for guaranteed revenue, ROI, and rankings…WAIT UP! Take some time to think! Is this a feasible target? Why would they make a guarantee? Ponder over some facts & reasons and decide.

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus

And this is all the more evident in the digital world, especially in digital marketing. The Internet is an open space, and many factors are at play with every campaign. Can any agency control them? Just think! In the constantly shifting online environment, no campaign can be immune to market headwinds and promise guaranteed results. In such a scenario, most agencies either end up under-delivering or over-delivering, even with the most well-designed and well-executed campaign. Therefore, you must understand that a marketing agency guarantee is nothing but a hoax, so it’s advised to stay away from agencies that make these promises.

Why Can No Agency Promise Guaranteed Results?

The process of marketing itself is beyond the control of anyone in the ever-changing digital world, with dozens of variables at play. When you choose an authentic and reputable agency, they will help your brand enhance your digital growth and achieve business goals rather than luring you with false promises and assurances. Digital marketing is a creative process, and a strategic campaign can add value to your brand and take you to newer heights. But no marketing agency results can achieve a guaranteed target.

While avoiding such a marketing agency guarantee is better, trustworthy agencies can add value to your business. By choosing a reliable marketing agency with a proven track record, you can outgrow your competitors, increase visibility and leverage brand equity. To experience the power of digital marketing, choose an agency that helps you achieve your business goals using their experience, tools, and strategies. This way, you can make the most out of your digital marketing campaign design. At the same time, you need to understand that they will not guarantee results. There are so many unpredictable factors that can change the game anytime.

Let’s delve deeper.

Unpredictable Algorithms

Algorithms are the hero of the game; they have the final say. Algorithms decide how the users will see your ad and how it appears to them. It aims to provide the best user experience, no matter how much you toil on efforts, strategy, or time in creating an ad campaign. To provide users with an enhanced and more personalized experience, Google and Facebook keep upgrading their algorithms regularly. Let’s explain. Suppose you and your friend put the same query on the search bar, and what you find as results differ from your friend’s. It is because algorithms provide results based on the user’s search history, location, etc. Therefore, you cannot be sure how people will view, interact or respond to your digital campaigns. In such a scenario, is it possible to guarantee results?

And yet, with a dependable agency, you can be sure of having an ad that is top-notch in attractiveness, quality, and targeted audience. Therefore, a better result and a better chance of success are assured.

Uncertain Competitions

In the highly competitive marketplace of the digital platform, it is not only you but your competitors’ performance that decides your place in the ranking. If you are number one on the prime search engines in one month, the next month can show you different marketing results. You may find yourself slipping behind when there is no fault. What goes behind the scenes is your competitors might have pumped in huge money to their ad campaigns & SEO work, and it has started paying off. Every moment there are competitors working hard to overtake you, it can be anytime you slip behind, it’s not your fault.

When Your Company Goals Vary from Industry Standards

The agencies which promise a performance against your direct competitors and industry standards will not be the ones that meet your goals. You may find the goals set by the industry do not align with your own. Maybe you aim at something more personalized for your business based on factors like your previous performance and future goals. With so many factors taken into account, among them many unknown, they cannot guarantee results like tripling your leads and so on.

If the leads are poor quality and conversion quality is the major issue, would you achieve the desired sales and find the marketing agency results as promised? When you opt for a good agency, they invest time understanding your business and what is pivotal for you.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations from the Beginning

As you can see, there are many factors upon which a marketing campaign’s success depends. And there are so many which are absolutely beyond an agency’s control. Asking for or promising a guarantee can destroy the relationship in the process. So, is it feasible to guarantee results when no one can even determine how it will turn out?

When you choose a professional agency that works with integrity and values the relationship with its clients, you will notice that they do not try to entice clients with big promises. They know that the success of a professional relationship depends on how to manage expectations with honesty and transparency.

What You Get From A Good Agency

With a dependable agency, you will find they will never promise you guaranteed marketing results. Instead, they will start with understanding your business, current situation, and goals. They will analyze your past and present performance to determine what to optimize for the future.

Clarity is important in discussing potential challenges. You and your agency’s expectations must be aligned so that you are clear about what to expect them to deliver and in what timeframe. The marketing process requires investing a long-time, and you must keep patience to see a significant change. It takes a couple of months to collect data, adjust, and set the strategies in motion. Only then can you see how hard efforts pay off.

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