Conducting Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 22, 2020 | Business Development, All

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly brought innumerable changes to how businesses operate. This article highlights a few ways for conducting business during the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought the world almost to a standstill. Countries are under lockdown, major business hubs are shut, stock markets are behaving abnormally – basically nothing is normal.

In such a scenario what should businesses do? Can businesses shut shop indefinitely or can businesses continue to operate in whatever capacity possible until things get normal? All these raise a greater question. What is the new normal in today’s scenario and how should businesses adapt to the current crisis?

It almost goes without saying that conducting business during the Coronavirus pandemic has been an herculean challenge. But the human race has always risen above the odds and has seen far worst pandemics, world wars, floods, famine and more. It is the time when none of us can give up. Businesses have to continue working, albeit from home (wherever possible).

Conducting Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Tips for Conducting Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Carry On!
The clarion call during these tough times for businesses should be to carry on. Not because nothing has happened or nothing has changed, but because adapting, accepting and moving on is the only way forward. Businesses have to realize that they will not be able to carry on as before, but by adapting according to the needs of the time, they can surely keep sailing. It is true that not all businesses can work remotely. There are many industries that are looking towards (or have already experienced) a complete shut down in the next few days. Even then, marketing and communications should continue as before. That’s the only possible way to keep in touch with your audience and customers.

Stay in Touch
The current mantra for all businesses should be to stay in touch, but do nothing. The statements may seem self-contradicting but that’s the only thing that’s going to work effectively right now. Businesses must continue to communicate with their audiences through social media and email marketing and yet not proactively urge them to do anything that can harm themselves and the community at large. So what should businesses do right now?

  • Keep The Communication Channels Open – Thankfully we live in a technologically advanced world where we can continue to remain connected without physically being present in the same place. Businesses should use this as an opportunity to use technology to communicate with their audience. Reach out to them. Email them. Post messages on social media.
  • Create Awareness – It isn’t the time when you continue selling your products and services. Yes, that’s important, but what’s far more important is to create awareness about the pandemic. People are panicking all over, being misled by rumors. As a serious business, it is your duty to inform your audiences about the do’s and don’ts as directed by health and government authorities. Redirect them towards authentic news reports. Reassure them that things will be fine.
  • Don’t Panic – Businesses have a responsibility towards the general public. Though the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the cores of business, it is essential that you do not panic. Do not share information that is not verified by authorities, do not believe in rumors and do not tell the public you are shutting shop. Instead inform your audience that you are following protocol, shutting till further notice yet will continue to communicate with them as and when necessary.
  • Do Not Look At This As An Opportunity – Businesses shouldn’t be looking at this threatening virus as an opportunity to push sales. This is simply not the time for improved sales figures, data analysis and so on. The situation doesn’t warrant that you raise the prices of essential products.
  • Be The Cause of Healthy Distraction – Everyone is battling the pandemic by staying home. It isn’t easy to suddenly stop doing everything and stay put at home. It is a tough time and as a business closely connected with its customers, it is your duty to lift the spirits of your audience. Use this time to connect with the community, with your employees and with your audience. Share stories of resilience that inspire others to remain positive.

Staying and working from home is a tough option for businesses. But it is an opportunity for you to check your tenacity and perseverance. Rising above the odds and continuing with your business operations is the need of the hour. Stay safe and stay active as this crisis shall also pass.


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