Cyrusson Helps Law Firms Scale Up Their Businesses Through One-Stop Digital Marketing Solutions

Jan 13, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Press Release: San Francisco, California Jan 13, 2022 – Today’s technology-driven world demands that law firms maintain a robust online presence because potential clients are looking for them online. Digital marketing is the latest trend on the horizon, spending on which has long surpassed that on eclipsed traditional marketing channels. Cyrusson has proved to be a pioneer when it comes to helping such ventures make the most of the revolutionary benefits of internet marketing, and our booming clientele only reinforces our promises.

Our boutique digital marketing agency at Cyrusson helps law firms “get found” online through improved visibility, which leads to obtaining new customers and scaling up the venture. Our complete turn-key marketing solutions span an entire range of digital services, including SEO, Digital Advertisements, Listings, Web Design, Social Media Strategy, and more.

How do we do this? Well, the customer’s best interest is always placed at the fore, so we always begin with analyzing your current standing and future goals. Then, it’s time for our experienced experts to lace their ideas with cutting-edge marketing techniques and come up with a personalized digital marketing strategy with assured outcomes. The best part is that we specialize in not just English but also Spanish campaigns, giving you a competitive edge in two vast markets!

Take for instance our pathbreaking work for a Criminal Defense Law Firm that wanted to generate more calls and leads through a robust digital presence. Combining a renowned passion with years of experience in digital advertising, our enterprising Digital Ads team successfully ran a Google Ads campaign for the firm, with a landing page and call tracking for a month.

The results? The Criminal Defense Law Firm received 25 calls and 4 web leads, resulting in a total of 29 customer opportunities in the first month itself! Their advertisements appeared at the top of Google searches for the keywords we targeted in their local area. Within a minimal budget of $1,150, we managed to hit a conversion rate of 33% and 87 clicks.

Criminal Defense Law Google Ads Case Study – Criminal Defense Law Firm | Cyrusson Inc

Our work for a Personal Injury Law Firm in California was an equally exciting opportunity. The firm wished to generate more leads, but with a focus on phone calls and web leads through form fills. Our Digital Ads team built and managed a three-month-long Google Ads campaign for them, including a landing page and call tracking features. The campaign was exclusively optimized for both form fills and phone calls, as requested.

Within a minimum monthly budget of $3,200, the client received 79 calls and 24 web leads – an impressive 103 conversions in all! The stupendous conversion rate of 40% was accompanied by a total of 255 clicks, granting them much greater exposure and visibility online in such a short span.

Personal Injury Google Ads Case Study – Personal Injury Law Firm | Cyrusson Inc

At Cyrusson, we believe that we share much more than a business-client relationship. We consider ourselves your partners on the road to success, bringing transparency of operations, the integrity of service, and dedication for improvement. As we continue to help businesses build a stronger and better online presence with our expansive digital marketing solutions, we are proud of our alliance with businesses like yours on an exciting journey ahead.

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