Digital Marketing to Target the Hispanic Community | 5 Things To Know

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In this article, we talk about the importance of using digital marketing to target the Hispanic community and how to effectively do so.

Does advertising have any best-kept secret? No, it doesn’t. However, there is always the next big thing in advertising and marketing that businesses must be aware of. Over the past two decades, we have all witnessed the paradigm shift in concepts and implementations of advertising. From simple TV and Print Ads, we have now moved onto the digital era where communication campaigns are short-lived but have been highly impactful. Opportunities are immense in the digital world. You have the scope to create campaigns specifically designed for groups that have commonality among them instead of creating an ad created using a demographic template.

While there is nothing wrong with traditional advertising, it can be inadequate especially when you want to target an ethnically rich community, especially of the newer generations. In a traditional marketing campaign, it is assumed that all consumers are the same when in reality they have diverse backgrounds, consume products and services differently, and have varying needs and wants. Putting an ethnically rich and diverse community such as the Hispanics in the same pot as others is no way to do modern marketing and advertising.

The Hispanics today are one of the driving forces in consumer behavior. As per reports published by the Selig Center for Economic Growth, the Hispanic market amounts to almost $1.5 trillion and is the largest ethnic group in America having an impact on advertising. The report says that every one of six Americans today has a Hispanic connection.  

Need for Targeted Marketing Campaigns         

With the changing consumer expectations from brands (small and big), it has become imperative for businesses to change their marketing tactics. While targeting the Hispanics, a consumer group so significant that it is blasphemous not to specifically consider them, it is important to understand that the marketing approach must be unique yet practical.

By using the right digital channels, it is possible to create custom campaigns that help brands connect with specific Hispanic audiences. While doing so, it is also important to assess whether the messages created are the ones audiences want to hear and see. If you are serious about targeting the Hispanic community (and essentially capturing 1/5th of American consumer interest) you must go digital with your campaigns.

The Key isn‚Äôt Keywords ‚Äď It‚Äôs Content Marketing¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

It is no hidden secret that one of the telling indicators of digital marketing is keywords. In digital marketing, the right use of keywords can significantly impact your business, especially considering the impact of search engines. But it is time to move beyond keyword optimization for organic and inorganic traffic. It is time to understand the importance of content marketing (with specific inputs from keyword optimization).

According to Google’s research, 30% of online media is consumed in the US by people who speak, read, and understand both English and Spanish. There is a huge opportunity here that businesses must recognize. Brands can easily use a dual-language approach to target Hispanics. Even though English is the dominant language, especially in search engines, there are a sizeable number of Hispanics, who prefer to search (and read) in their native language. If you are serious about Spanish marketing, create content in the language of the Hispanics. They will read and understand your content better this way.

For engaging this segment, creating content in Spanish is important. According to Forbes, Hispanics are spending at least 10.5 hours a week on the Internet and are using their smartphones to search for product-related information. If you can effectively use content marketing to target this segment, you can penetrate deeper into this market.

It has already been seen that effective content marketing can increase your conversion rates by at least six times. Nowadays, customers tend to rely on online reviews and recommendations before making any purchase. So, if you can get into the ‚Äėgood books‚Äô of customers who can favorably recommend you while writing reviews and opinions, it means you have been successful with your digital marketing campaigns. By optimizing your ad-spent, you can effectively reduce Cost Per Click between 16% to 50% simply by providing quality content.¬†¬†

So, instead of traditional ads, content marketing requires you to focus on articles that boost perception among Hispanics. As mentioned before such content can be in English as well as Spanish.  

Social Media Marketing           

Digital marketing isn’t simply creating content like blogs and articles. Its also making the right use of social media platforms to reach the targeted Hispanics. Now, when we talk about targeting Hispanics, it is important to break them up into generations. Each generation has a different thought process and consumes the media differently. While advertising and marketing, the generational differences must be noted.

For the First Generation Hispanics in America, the best way to catch their attention is by relying on traditional advertising through TV and Radio. But while they prefer to use traditional media, they are now also on Facebook which means you can use this social media to target this generation.

The 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics are more multicultural, and their interests align with both the larger American thought process as well as the Hispanic cultural interests. Here we are talking about 8 million Hispanics who have varying levels of interests, education levels, backgrounds which can be used to build your target audience.

If on one hand, it is easy to target the 1st Generation, targeting the 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics is a lot more complicated. They have assimilated with the American lifestyle so much so that you must have a multicultural approach to target them. Building their buyer persona, which means recognizing them as Latinos first, is the correct way to target these generations on social media.

Millennials and Brand Interaction        

One of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is that it gives you the chance to A/B test ads and content. This has helped digital marketers to identify the right messaging tone and method for content before creating a whole campaign. While on the whole, this is a great way to understand the efficacy of any idea, it is especially useful to reach millennials.

Millennials are hard to please because they have a complex and mature understanding of how much they can influence brands. Unlike with other generations, millennials today drive trends and conversations on digital platforms which can directly affect your advertising. But as much as they are aware, they are also accommodating with their needs and demands. They browse through all sorts of content on social media to stick to things they enjoy. This means you can use a hoard of ideas to appeal to their sensibilities. Moreover, as they become content creators themselves, it has become easier for smaller brands to advertise using their accounts. If you are serious about engaging with the millennial, you must adapt to their communication styles.

But a word of caution must be shouted out right now. Instead of focusing on spending too much on social media ads, it’s important to be able to create substantial content for the platforms. Over the years Facebook and other social media platforms have changed their algorithm so much so that quality content always features better than paid ads and content. If you do not want to kill your organic traffic, you must understand the power of social media content marketing. Platforms like Facebook have already powered schemes such as Facebook for Creators which Zuckerberg promises will identify and bring better content creators into the front.

For targeting the Hispanics, you should be able to identify Spanish content creators who work with brands such as yours and who can take your advertising to a larger section of 3rd generation Hispanics.

Programmatic Buying  

Creating marketing campaigns for a targeted group has now become easier with Programmatic Marketing. If businesses know that by placing ads in high-traffic Spanish websites their conversion rates will increase, they are bound to spend more. Unlike earlier times when advertising was a lot of hits-and-misses, today with Programmatic Marketing, businesses can spend only when the conversions are high.

Engaging with Hispanic consumers can become more effective when you know the platforms and channels where they interact more. With programmatic marketing, you can know the exact segmentation of campaigns and their effectiveness beforehand. With so much data available, it is easier to reach out to Hispanics.  


There is no doubt that Hispanics are now deciding how brands are perceived among a large American population. If you do not want to be left behind, it is time for you to target the Spanish population.

At Cyrusson Inc. we understand the importance of target marketing and how much it matters for businesses to reach out to Hispanics. We create digital marketing campaigns that are designed to be effective among the Spanish population. By using the right digital tactics, technology, and data at hand, we can penetrate this highly influential population of the United States. The best part of digital marketing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on advertising to reach your targeted audience. We have out-of-the-box ideas that can appeal, appease and please this community.

From creating digital ads to social media marketing, digital branding to SEO ‚Äď our experts are here to help niche marketing strategies that can effectively target the Hispanic Community. From short-term campaigns to long-term solutions, we create as per requirement.¬†¬†

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and know more about our targeting digital marketing plans for the Hispanic community.

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