How Do Facebook Ads Work For Small Businessess

Jan 15, 2020 | Digital Ads, All, Digital Marketing

You must have heard that Facebook ads are effective for small business marketing. As you seek new and latest ways to market your small business, you’ve come across various marketing experts, content and consultants arguing that Facebook ads are important for a marketing campaign. So what are these Facebook ads and how they work for small businesses? Let’s find out…

What are Facebook Ads?

In simple words, Ads that pop up on your Facebook feed are known as Facebook Ads. These are basically purchased on an auction where advertisers are charged based on impressions, actions or clicks. There are wide assortments of ad formats available and in this post, we are going to read about how these ads work well for small businesses. So, let’s get started…

How Facebook Ads For Businesses Work

According to some stats, there are 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, so you shouldn’t ignore this platform. As a small business, you can utilize Facebook ads and take your business advertising to a new level. You can boost posts for shares, comments, and reactions. However, if you are looking to generate sales (or leads) from Facebook, you need to provide a free or well-priced offer and also follow the below aspects.

1. Setup a Facebook Audience

You can do this within the power Editor of Facebook where you can customize your audience to exclude/include users base on location, page affinities, job title, age, household income and more. You can also use the ‘Boost Post’ feature to increase your reach among the people who ‘Like’ your page.

2. Lure your Audience with a Free Offer

This is one of the most effective ways to draw attention of your audience. It can be a trial membership, a free physical product or anything that you think lure your audience. The goal of the Facebook ad is basically to get the user to the landing page of the website where they are put their email address and get a free offer.

3. Offer a small upsell

When your client follows up on the free offer, show them a small upsell product. The profit margin should be based on how much you are spending on Facebook ads. Accepting the correct conversion rate, the outcome is free to lead acquisition.

4. Retargeting, sell via email

After earning the trust of your leads, now its time to sell your real product or service. This could be done through phone or email. You can see a small snippet of code ‘The Facebook Pixel’ that you can embed on your site. When any of your Facebook users visit your brand’s page, they will be tracked and it allows you to show ads that are designed for them.

When considering to run a Facebook Ad campaign for your small businesses, keep in mind that you don’t need a huge budget. Moreover, you should have a precise understanding of different types of Facebook Ads. If you are looking for an expert agency that can take care of your Facebook Ad campaign, then get in touch with your favorite SF Bay Area Marketing Agency.

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