Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts: What’s The Difference?

Apr 10, 2023 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing

Discover the difference between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. From targeting options to ad placement, we’ll explore the unique benefits of each so you can make an informed decision about your next social media marketing campaign.

Knowing what goes into running a successful campaign is important as you seek maximum benefits from your social media marketing campaign. You must know the pros and cons before allocating a budget to the campaign. As you strategize your marketing on Facebook, knowing which option best suits your business goals is key to success. The same is true when choosing between Facebook Posts and Boosted Posts. While leading San Francisco social media agencies help you in this endeavor, you must know the basics of this game.

Should you turn to Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts? Which will serve your goals and fetch the desired results? If you are getting confused about all such questions, read on to clearly understand the two options Facebook offers for marketing the brands. Boosting a post means putting money into an existing post from your Facebook page. Facebook Ad, on the other hand, is a comparatively more thought-out campaign created through FB Ads Manager. Some goals can be achieved through boosted posts, while you need to create Facebook Ads for others. While choosing from San Francisco social media agencies, you can be sure that the right agency will guide you to take up the right strategy using the right option.

Everything You Need to Know About a Boosted Post

When you put money on an existing Facebook Post to boost it to your target audience, it is termed a boosted post. These are already present on your timeline, and you decide to boost them. Boosted posts are the simplest way of advertising on FB, and a few simple steps are involved. These differ from Facebook Ads as boosted ads as you don’t create them on FB’s Meta Ads Manager. They do not come with similar customization options.

Before deciding on boosted posts on Facebook, you need to consider a few important factors, like your target audience you want to connect with, your budget for the entire campaign, and how long you want your target audience to see your Ad. Boosted posts are effective in reaching out to a wider audience when done professionally. When you hire a professional team to handle your social media marketing campaign and let them handle such things, you can be sure of getting desired results. You have some good options when looking for a Facebook ads agency in the Bay Area.

A core similarity of boosted posts with that of Facebook Ads is that although a post, the boosted posts are still considered ads. Because you are putting on money and require a budget, the boosted posts get identified as ads on the bill you receive.

How To Set Your Target for Boosted Posts:

As you boost a post, you get to choose from some pre-set audience options and create an audience as per your choice. The pre-set audience options are:

  • People who like your page
  • People who like your page and their friends
  • People in your area in a radius from 1 mile to 50 miles.
  • Preferred gender, age, demographics, behaviors, and interests.

This level of targeting is enough for a business to reach a wider audience. Choosing a leading Facebook Ads agency in the Bay Area will help ensure your ad campaign reaches your goals without wasting your budget.

Objectives Behind Boosted Posts:

Boosted posts have a significant post-engagement function; more people get to share and react to such posts. You can connect and chat with many potential customers. You can send your prospects to your website through link clicks.

A Few Vital Facts About Boosted Posts:

You can make your post appear on Facebook News Feed, Instagram, and Messenger by boosting a post. You cannot choose a specific bid when considering expenses for a boosted post. Facebook only permits setting a total budget. Another important fact about boosted posts is that you cannot edit such a post (a text or image) once you boost it. To do that, you must create and boost a new post. Boosted posts follow the same guidelines and ad policies as regular Facebook ads. The text rule on images (less than 20% text) is also the same. So before posting organically, ensure your image abides by that rule.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

FB Ads are created through Facebook’s Ads Manager, providing advanced customization solutions. With the help of Facebook Ads, you can achieve many of your advertising objectives while keeping your target audience in mind. Fb Ads are a proven way to reach specific business goals. You can optimize Facebook Ads for video views, shop orders, website conversions, App Installs, etc. You can choose from the top San Francisco social media agencies for your ad campaigns across social media channels to get the best service.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Over Boosted Posts:

  • With boosted posts, you can tick or untick whether to portray your ad on Instagram other than FB mobile and desktop Feeds. On the other hand, Facebook Ad offers you the added benefit of choosing from various ad placements. You can pick from placements like Messenger ads, Facebook Feed side ads, instant articles, Instagram stories, and Audience Network.
  • Facebook Ads give you the advantage of choosing a specific ad objective which helps you focus on choosing the campaign which aligns with your business goals. As you choose from the professional San Francisco social media agencies, you can leave the job to them and be worry-free. While boosted posts let you focus on page engagement, website clicks, and local business promotions, FB Ads help you choose ad objectives like app promotion, leads, or sales. Moreover, there is a provision for creating and managing ads with the help of the Ads Manager mobile app.
  • Ads Manager powers Facebook Ads; you can design an ad that perfectly fits your goals. Many creative and formatting options are available in Facebook Ads Manager, which you do not get with boosted posts. With FB Ads, you can create carousel ads, insert specific descriptions or add a call-to-action button, all of which will drive more of your viewers to take action. To find good results, you can hire from one of the leading social media agencies in San Fransisco.
  • Facebook Ads lets you make use of more advanced targeting capabilities. With booted posts, you can reach out to people who care about your business by letting you decide on gender, age, and interests for your ad targeting. While Facebook Ads present to you much more advanced tools to create lookalike audiences, overlapping audience types, and so much more.

Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts – Which one to use?

It is important to know what you want to achieve with your ad. Choosing between Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts will be easy when you have a clear answer. Boosting posts is a good option to enhance visibility and develop brand awareness. On the other hand, Facebook Ads would be a great way to create more advanced types and campaigns.

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