4 Reasons to Combine Email and SMS Marketing

Apr 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

If you are looking forward to developing a marketing strategy that relies on two or more marketing channels, it would be advantageous to combine these channels in harmony. These channels may open new opportunities and offer excellent results when used in conjunction with each other. Two of these strategies are Email and SMS marketing. Given below are the 4 reasons to utilize these channels as part of your marketing campaign.

Email & SMS Marketing is Cost-Effective

No doubt, Email marketing has always proved to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. In some cases, the individual campaign may not perform in the desired manner, yet when combining two or more strategies, things can simply go your way.

SMS, for instance, is identical to the email marketing, as this channel doesn’t cost you a lot. Besides, the cost-effectiveness of both these channels, the overall execution cost is also lower.

In both these cases, the channels exceptionally perform well when it comes to driving customer engagement. When this feature couples with higher response rates, the marketers can get the desired results.

The most logically appealing aspect in this regard is to employ both channels and gain the benefits of both these channels. It will help to achieve the goal of maximized reach and consistent engagement.

As a result, you can raise the ROI by spending a reasonable amount on your marketing strategy.

Email & SMS Marketing is a Mobile-First Strategy

In the recent past, advertisers were of the thinking that designing a mobile-friendly campaign wasn’t that important. However, as the year 2020 arrived, the marketing gurus changed the way they used to think.

Presently, consumers are in a habit of checking their emails and surfing the net on their mobile devices. So it is now more important to follow a mobile-first approach. Although the screen size might be an issue, it can still benefit the overall marketing strategy.

Email and SMS are two of the most ideal channels for the mobile-first world. SMS has always been associated with the mobile phone and now email marketing can also be done in an effective manner.

In this situation, combining both the SMS and email marketing can assist advertisers to take maximum advantage. It would help to engage more consumers through mobile-friendly marketing tactics.

Email and SMS Marketing Provide Complementary Insights

The metrics of any marketing campaign render it easy for marketers to evaluate the performance of each and every channel. However, when you run Email and SMS marketing in a combo, the most obvious advantage is audience engagement.

Through combining both SMS and email lists, you can easily link your campaign to the target audience. It makes your campaign more effective by closely evaluating return on investment and overall performance of the campaign.

With Email & SMS Marketing, You Control The Sending Frequency and Timing

The biggest advantage of combining both SMS and Email marketing channels is the control over messages and campaigns. By planning the timing of a campaign, you can utilize the advantage of direct Email marketing.

This helps to enjoy more control over the timing of message delivery. By combining these strategies, you can enjoy control over the delivery time of both the Emails and SMS. This allows the marketers to follow-up messages the messages of both these channels and evaluates the performance.

Final Words

When talking about the maximum reach and achieving the desired goals, the marketers have to employ the best possible strategy. The size of the target audience is largely dependent on the demographics and the type of campaign you are running. Hence, in order to seek maximum benefit out of any campaign, it is imperative to combine the two marketing strategies. For instance, SMS and Email strategies can give you the best possible outcome at lower expenses.

If you want to reach out to a large audience, combining both Email and SMS marketing is the best possible option to choose form. By simply taking into mind the above aspects, you can get the maximum ROI through your marketing campaign. If you’d like to learn more on how to implement this approach with your business’s marketing channels, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to give you a demo on our SMS & Email marketing solution!

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