10 Business Aspects You Should Monitor To Gain Marketing Insights

May 4, 2020 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing

No matter whether you are running a small or large business, you have to keep an eye on the revenue, sales, and cash flow. There are also other aspects which can help you to run your business successfully, and they also help you gain marketing insights. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the 10 Business Aspects You Should Monitor To Gain Marketing Insights:

  1. Track new and Previous Customers
    This is one of the best ways to gain marketing insights. However, to get the most out of this strategy, you have to track both the present and past customers. For this purpose, you must answer a simple question, “How many new and repeat customers do you have?”The most viable way to get the authenticated answer to this question is to track both the new and repeat customers. This is so, as loyal customers are the bread and butter for every business.
  2. Revenue Targets
    To improve the revenue situation, you have to set the weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual revenue targets. By doing so, you can keep an eye on the funnel, leads, and performance of your marketing strategy.To gain the desired revenue targets, you need to track the parameters, which can give you an insight into the historical trends. It would help to offer you an altogether different perspective of the business.
  1. Analyze the Improvement Needs
    No doubt, there are numerous areas of a business, which need your attention. By making such improvements, you can get the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).These areas include:
    • Email marketing
    • Your website
    • Customer follow-up
    • Event execution
    • Hold times
    • Conflict resolution
    • Copywriting
  1. Successes Factors
    Talking about the successes, you need to take into account the true reasons behind such success. In other words, you need to follow the framework that was utilized by another business.Furthermore, you also need to gather testimonials. You can use these testimonials to persuade prospective clients.
  1. Measure the Retention Rate
    This factor allows you to get an idea that how many clients or customers are willing to do business with you. This can help you to gain marketing insights. However, you need to differentiate between turnover and retention rates.In addition, you must also keep an eye on the customer loss as you do in case of retaining a customer. If the number of customers that you lose is greater than those who are retained, you need special business arrangements.
  1. Learn from your Failures
    Failures offer the best learning opportunities. You can learn more through your failure than your success. Therefore, you should be honest about the mistakes that you have made in the past.
  1. Launching a new Service or Product
    This is another way that you should monitor to gain marketing insights. You need to track the performance of all those products or services that have launched recently. Besides, you must also consider making a yearly comparison of the revenue.
  1. Customer Complaints
    The most prominent aspect of any business is its customer care mechanism. If you aren’t paying attention to your customer’s complaints or concerns, things can go wrong pretty quickly.Therefore, you need to take care of all the complaints by offering a user-friendly customer care services.
  1. Customer Feedback
    In addition to the above aspects, customer feedback also plays a critical role when you want to gain marketing insights. It is the customer feedback, which gives you an insight into the sentiments and feelings of your customers.
  1. Leads and Funnel Performance
    To successfully run your business, you have to keep an eye on the origins of the leads and funnel performance. If your new lead generation strategy doesn’t offer the desired outcomes, you need to analyze the true reasons for such performance.


By taking a look at the factors mentioned above, you can easily gain marketing insights. We have discussed these aspects in an easy to understand manner. Therefore, we hope that this piece of writing would be more than helpful for you to run your business successfully.

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