Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Which one to use?

Jul 6, 2020 | Digital Ads, All, Digital Marketing

Being in the marketing space, we are always asked by clients: “Are Google Ads or Facebook Ads better for our business?” Well, every one of us has the same response; the answer is “it depends”!

It depends on your business, your audience, and your goals as to which one is better than the other. For that, we need to have a closer look at first!

The Big Debate So Far on Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

As we all are aware that small businesses usually have a finite marketing budget. That is why it is difficult to decide where to use the ad that is often spent on dollars, which can be quite demanding. That’s the reason why we take our responsibility to solve and bring out some clarity to this debate sooner or later. While in the process, let the business holders decide which one receives the best profit on their marketing investment.

Differences between Google Ad and Facebook Ads:

However, there are multiple strengths and features of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, so it’s imperative to understand the primary difference between the two ad platforms.

Google AdWords: Paid Search

Google Ads is the world’s largest and most popular form of PPC advertising is used more broadly by multiple business industries. However, it is commonly known with the term “paid search.”

What do you mean by Paid Search?

Paid search mainly focuses on targeting keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. Advertisers usually start the process using Google Ads priced on keywords, particular words, and phrases entered in search queries by Google users. With the help of this, they believe that their ads will be displayed at the side of search results for these questions. When a user clicks on an ad each time, the advertiser is imposed a fixed amount of money, that is the reason why it is named as “pay-per-click advertising.” Well, Bid optimization and PPC bidding is a complicated topic, but basically, this is a way to find new customers based on keywords and search terms they use while looking for an answer in Google.

Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Facebook Ads is a basic example of what is called “paid social,” or advertising about your business on social media platforms. Facebook has the highest number of active users on a monthly basis in comparison to any other social networking sites in the world. It has become a highly competitive and potentially money-making element of many business’ advertising strategies digitally.

What Are The Strengths and Benefits of Google Ads?

Google is the world’s most favored and widely used search engine, is considered to be the number one in online advertising. It has more than 3.5 billion search queries every single day. This search engine provides the advertisers to approach an unparalleled audience who are actively in search of goods and services.

What Are The Strengths and Benefits of Facebook Ads?

As we all know that Facebook Ads is an apprentice in today’s world, but still, it has been straining and improving its advertising formula for several years. In today’s date, Facebook Ads is a beginner in the realm of paid social and has become the center of many business’ digital marketing plans.

Improve Ranking of Your Business

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Local Google Ads

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The Adjudication

Eventually, the answer to which ad platform you should use is still vague, or you can say, “It depends.” If your motive is to build brand awareness or launch a new product to your consumers, then you must go for Facebook as it might give you quick success.

However, if you want to target motivated buyers, sell more products — Google would be the best option to go.

If you want to start an effective and affordable ad for your business, you can call our customer care and get a chance to talk with a member of our team. And they will help you with your queries.

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