Google PPC Ads for Plumbing Companies: 5 Best Strategies To Follow 

Feb 4, 2022 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Plumbing Company Marketing

Google PPC Ads is the fastest and most profitable way to get new customers. It performs so well throughout your Google ads campaign. You will be able to learn some important key points, and by that you will find, if you do it wrong, it will get expensive really fast.

In this blog article for Google PPC Ads For Plumbing companies, you will learn several of the best Google PPC ads practices so you can reach potential customers without investing too much of your marketing budget. 

1. Ad Groups

Ad groups contain advertisements that are related to each other and share similar themes. If a user’s search query matches the keywords that you set for your ad group, your set ad can be displayed on a Google Search page. Whenever your ad gets clicked on it directs the user to your landing page.

2. Keyword Selection

It is needless to say that Keywords are the backbone of any successful Google PPC ads campaign. Without them, customers would not ever see your ads and you wouldn’t be able to bid. 

To be honest, the most challenging part of the Google Ads campaign is to choose the right keywords. You have to determine whether you want to focus on mainstream keywords with high competition or go for long tail keywords for a higher visibility.

This blog will provide you with a well tailored guide on how to choose the most relevant keywords to your business. 

3. Landing Pages

Landing page is the page in your website that you direct a user to from your ad. Your landing should be a follow-up to what your ad refers to. Always direct or send your audiences to your website’s respective page if you are particularly talking about a specific service! It is also beneficial to keep in mind that each keyword there should have a particular landing page separately.

A good landing page includes:

  • Does not take long to load
  • Is user-friendly
  • Can be understood by Google

4. Email Marketing

People will never spontaneously go to purchase something just because an advertisement you posted – or a landing page – told them to do so.  If a potential customer does not buy immediately right after clicking your ad, they will forget about your plumbing company and your offers shortly after leaving your website. Whereas when you have their email address saved, you can recall them by pushing occasional notifications and remind them about your offer and business and stay at the top of their mind. 

5. Keyword Notes

On the campaign home page, you can add or edit your keywords for your campaign at any time.

Exact Match

Exact match keywords deliver your ad to only be shown if a user types the same words as your set keywords. This kind of keyword can be fixed by using brackets to signify to Google that your words or phrase is an exact match.

For example:

Exact Match: [drain cleaning service]

User Search Term: drain cleaning service

In this case, if the user searches for the exact match, your plumbing ad will be displayed to the user right away.

Negative Match

Negative keywords allow you to have control over when you don’t want your ads to be displayed for certain words or phrases. And this keyword type can be turned out to be very much economical as it allows you to save money and attract only prospective customers. Negative keywords are recognized by Google by adding the minus sign in front of your keywords.

For example:

Negative: -Drain Cleaning Youtube

This particular keyword excludes users who search for Youtube videos on how to clean drains because it implies that the user is not interested in hiring a professional plumber.

Avoid Click Fraud

Click fraud occurs around 20% of all paid links on the internet. That means, if you are paying for organic traffic, chances are you’re paying out a reasonable amount to fraudulent companies of some kind. Here at Cyrusson, we have software in place in order to prevent click fraud, so that you can boost and acquire more customers without losing too much money. Want to learn more? Feel free to book a call today!


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