The Complete Guide To Social Media For Lawyers || Important Guidelines

Dec 20, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, Social Media

Social Media For Lawyers & Law Firms

If you want to learn about how to promote your law firm, you should consider leveraging the enormous power of social media. In this digital era, you do not necessarily need to do any poster-marketing: your competitors and colleagues use social media, if you want to stay current you need to get involved. 

Here in this compact guideline to social media for lawyers and law firms, we’ve done extensive research dedicatedly for you. 

From a step-by-step guide on the use of social media, we’ll cover  almost everything you need to know to succeed with social media marketing.

Locate Your Prospective Customers

While searching for customers and clients, don’t forget your niche. Where do you conduct your practice: family law or corporate law? 

In terms of family law, Facebook, Twitter and forums such as Mumsnet may be a great place to advertise. Although, for corporate law, LinkedIn will be your go-to place due to its authoritative nature and thriving business scene.

Remember, do not neglect Twitter and Facebook – after all, such platforms are great for creating a brand and keeping it alive. You want to connect with your clients.

Build A Solid Social Media Profile

You must hire a graphic designer to create a profile image for your law firm which will fit the dimensions social media platforms request. 

The images, with perfect dimensions fit properly, will save your firm from awkward and unprofessional pixelated photos. Moreover, a professional graphic designer will be able to keep your law firm’s brand consistent across all networks.

Most importantly, pay heed to the individual lawyers within your firm. Because, employees are likely to have their own social media profiles, and if they were to do anything underhand, it will reflect poorly on the firm. So talk to employees and instruct them to keep their profiles either private or to keep their image professional.

Creation Quality Content

Content creation is necessary when it comes to law, and planning a content strategy is essential. Your content creation will need to be easy to read and valuable to the readers.

Blog Article Samples | Cyrusson

So that they can provide answers to some common questions, such as “How do I go through a divorce properly?” or “How do I get full custody?”. Also, the contents must focus on clear instructions on how to do so. Remember, content writing is the place for you to build expertise, authority, and trust.

Your content should cover consist of:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Once you have created your content, publish them immediately on Social Pages. Since, the goal is to engage with your clients and have them share, like or comment on the posts. Doing so will improve your online reach.

Choose The Right Social Platforms

A law firm has to remain professional in terms of choosing the right social media platforms. You can easily reach your target audience through them.  Your law firm still needs maximum online presence that increases your online visibility. Below is the main social media platforms to choose from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Quora

All of the above have their own benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most impactful social platforms for communicating and sharing content with consumers. 

There, you can share well-tailored blog posts, interact with your clients through comments and give updates regarding your law firm.

For open discussion platforms, Reddit and Quora are two most popular discussion forums that allow individuals to ask questions and openly discuss answers.

YouTube is the go-to place to watch videos.There is plenty of scope for lawyers to upload their own informative content. Create an account and upload interviews with your firm’s lawyers so that they can discuss what it is they do and how a potential client could benefit from them.

Create A Social Media Posting Schedule 

In order to build a social media presence, you have to implement a routine. It is very much important to be consistent in your posting. Think about each social media platform separately. 

Like any other profession, lawyers need to create and upkeep a professional social media presence. Using social media, you can market your expertise while increasing your law firm’s general online visibility.

If you are unsure how to utilize social media marketing for your law firm, feel free to book a call with The Cyrusson Team to learn more about your options and how we can best help your law firm with content creation!


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