How Does Digital Advertising Help Businesses Grow

Aug 19, 2022 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Digital advertising is the path to growth for small businesses. In this article we look at how online advertising is powering the growth of businesses and how should businesses approach online advertising.

You don’t need an introduction to digital advertising, do you? Unless you have lived on an isolated island for a decade, you’d know the growth we have witnessed in online advertising. Global digital ad spending in 2021 stood at $615.2 billion and this would reach $1 trillion by 2027.

How Does Digital Advertising Help Businesses Grow Cyrusson

Brands small and big have been aggressive with their online advertising strategy in the last decade. Many have moved to digital-only mode given the flexibility and cost advantage this form of advertising offers. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, every brand worth its salt is actively spending on online advertisements.

How Digital Advertising Ensures Business Growth      

If you are a small business or startup and looking to outgrow competition, digital advertising is the path you should choose. There are several ways in which they power the growth of your business, and these include –

Ø  Branding – Online advertising is the quickest and easiest path to brand building. As you advertise online your logo, brand name, slogans, etc. become recognizable among the target audience. This brand recognition leads to more sales and higher revenue.

Ø  Communication – Online advertising allows you to communicate with your audience effectively. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can engage with your audience in real-time, respond to their queries and turn them into customers faster.

Ø  No Entry Barrier – Digital advertising is cost-effective. As a small business or startup, you won’t have access to huge capital. Even a $100 budget would allow you to start with advertising and grow your brand organically – and with success. 

Ø  Outreach – Digital advertising increases your reach, and this is its greatest USP. Your ad campaign wouldn’t be limited by time and space constraints as is the case with TV, radio, and print ads.

Ø  ROI – Online advertising offers you a higher ROI compared to traditional advertising mediums. It reduces customer acquisition costs and lets you gain more thrust for every dollar spent on advertising.

Ø  Targeted Marketing – With online advertising, you can reach out to your target audience. You can generate tons of data on them and create customized ad campaigns. This improves the conversion rate and promotes growth.

Why Advertise on Google?   

Google is the most widely used Internet platform in the world. It is the first-choice platform for online advertising cutting across industries. In today’s tech-savvy world, it is the go-to source for information. Google integrates several of its platforms into a single network that scales the reach. Here are a few reasons why you should advertise on Google.

  •   Unbeatable Reach – There is no other digital platform that can match the reach of Google. There are more than 8.5 billion searches on Google every day or close to a hundred thousand searches every second! In today’s tech-savvy world, advertising on Google maximizes the visibility of your digital advertising campaigns.
  •   Cost Advantage – Advertising on Google is easy, and costs less than you expect. There is no entry barrier in terms of a minimum advertising budget. You can start an ad campaign with a small budget and test the waters before dedicating more money to your campaign.

Why Advertise on Facebook?        

There are several social media platforms, but none match up to Facebook in terms of user base or engagement. It is nearing 3 billion users which is more than one-third of the global population. Facebook earned an ad revenue of $86 billion when the last official announcements were made in 2021 and this testifies to the potential of the platform. So, here’s why you should advertise on Facebook.

  •   Engagement – An average Internet user spends close to 30 minutes on Facebook every day. This makes it a powerful online advertising platform where you are guaranteed eyeballs.
  •   Targeted Marketing – Facebook has in-built targeting features that let you reach audiences actively. You can create campaigns that are targeted based on location, age group, language, and interests.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is the latest kid on the block and when you are looking for Internet advertising inspiration there is no other platform that comes even close to it. There are more than 2 billion active users and here’s the USP of advertising on Instagram.

  •   High Spending Customers – Instagram has emerged as the most popular social media platform among Gen Y and Gen Z. They are either the highest spending customers today or soon-to-be. Earning their trust and loyalty would secure your brand’s future.
  •   Instant Conversions – Instagram ads convert faster than most other platforms. You can make use of Influencer marketing to widen your reach and turn a prospect into a paying customer quickly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, digital advertising has the potential to drive business growth. Unlike traditional advertising platforms, the digital medium offers a level playing field for everyone. Irrespective of your budget you can run inspiring ad campaigns and take your larger competitors head-on.

If you are looking for Internet advertising inspiration and a self-motivated team to help you create the buzz, Cyrusson Inc. is your perfect fit. We are a trusted name in the online advertising business and help clients scale up the ladder with inspiring ad campaigns. From search engines to social media platforms, we’ll help you engage with people and boost your growth.

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