How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Online Marketing

Jun 4, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Marketing is all around us. Whether we pay attention to it or not, it’s practically embedded in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people still underestimate the power of a good marketing strategy for various reasons. 

Suppose you’re the marketing manager of your company. You want to make a pitch to your boss that hiring a digital marketing agency in San Francisco is exactly what your business needs so you can hit those growth targets set by the company. However, your boss sees it as not worth investing in. If you want to convince your boss that a well-thought-out online marketing campaign is a viable option, consider these four tactics to help you make a case.

1 – Talk About the Competition

Nothing lights a fire quite like finding out your competitors have an edge that your company doesn’t have. By doing your own research on your competitors, you can show your boss just how much of an advantage they have over you. How they engage with their customers, the amount of content they produce, and how intuitive their website is are some points you can discuss. You can easily show your bosses the chink in their armor. Maybe the content they produce isn’t all that interesting? As a manager, you can exploit that weakness and make a case for creating a better, more holistic marketing campaign that could outperform the competition.

2 – Find Relevant Case Studies

Thousands of businesses utilize online marketing to their advantage only to find great success in their efforts. Odds are, similar companies have also been successful in their campaigns and have reaped the benefits of their investment. As part of your research, you can show relevant case studies that have experienced the same level of accomplishment.

3 – Compare Online vs. Offline Marketing Results

One of the best ways to illustrate how well online marketing is at driving results is by comparing it with offline marketing. Take a look at how your company allocated your past marketing budgets and how much ROI you were able to achieve from it. Those thousands of dollars you’ve spent assembling and mailing a print catalog could have probably generated a few dozen sales.

Compare that with the cost of investing in an online marketing campaign, and the sheer number of people you can reach is almost inconceivable. Proposing a less expensive alternative like online marketing can be pretty much convincing to any executive whose concern is reducing costs for the company.

4 – Show How Much Efficient and Effective Online Marketing Is

Improving your sales team’s effectiveness has always been one of the primary goals of any business. Through online marketing tools, you’re able to track lead sources, generate reports, and view complete customer histories with the click of a button. Integrating our CRM with your website and your inbound marketing platform can also improve your campaign’s effectiveness. Ask any digital marketing agency in San Francisco, and they’ll tell you that that level of efficiency can only be found on online marketing strategies.


If you really want to convince your bosses of the value of online marketing, these tips will help you make a solid pitch that even they can’t refuse. Remember, a marketing campaign is pretty much like a product, and like any product, you need to market it to your audience, which in this case are your bosses. All in all, getting your boss on board won’t seem like such a daunting task anymore.

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