How to Improve My Business’s Social Media Reach?

Apr 27, 2020 | Social Media, All, Digital Marketing

Many brands now accept that they need to have an existence on social media, but there are some who still find difficulty in maximizing social platforms for recognition and publicity. While the perplexity still lies in the way in which social media reach is used, in variation to traditional outreach platforms. Normally, back in the day people would promote their business by putting together offers, then setting them as ads in newspapers, magazines etc. But social media works oppositely. By the term ‘social’, it means that you become a portion of a broader conversation.

How To Improve Your Social Media Reach?

Well, the first thing to be noticed is that algorithms have changed for social media. Social media back then would be rewarded with more likes and shares. An article that is highly shared would be publicized the most, simultaneously that would make your post appear higher for more readers and would be viewed and read by more audiences.

But that’s not true anymore in 2020; these days, articles with the highest number of comments are appreciated more on social networks than those with large amounts of likes and then, to some extent, those with a high volume of Shares.

The calculation is straightforward: When you comment on a particular post, you create a strong impact for the viewers, and therefore you engage more with a piece of content. Because commenting requires a lot of effort, in this way, the audience invests more time on this social media post. Shares are regarded of less importance because it wants people to either like or comment or create content.  By only sharing the posts, you become less social, and you are likely to result in spending more time on other posts.

There are several ways of increasing your social media reach

1. Your Social Profiles should be optimized appropriately

For instance, the crawlers of Google use your Facebook page’s name, the elaborate details, how many likes, and the number of audiences talking about the page. If your Facebook profile name has pages with keywords, then your business will rank on the topmost brands you can ever imagine. Let us understand it better with an example; if you search for “shoes on Facebook,” none of the top brands appear. What you will do is, use the keyword in your page name to get your social pages ranked on Google. Similarly, when you use Twitter, don’t put hash tags in your bio, or people will deviate away from your page.

2. Make Sure You Post the Right Content

The content you post should serve to your right audiences targeted. To implement the process, first, you need to know about whom they are and how they absorb content. If your viewers are the ones who use mostly mobile devices, then you should create something mobile-friendly, by which it means that the content you post, must be easy to share on mobile devices. SimilarWeb and Google Analytics are the tools that can give you an idea of which methods your audience members are using to see your content

3. Use Additional Platforms

You can have a look at other websites to gain material by sharing on other social media sites. Many marketers use guest posts to make their presence in the industry. Allow the editors to tweet so that you can drive more social media shares on your posts. This process can be easily enabled by using WordPress.

4. Be in touch with the audience as much as you can

As we all know that Facebook boosts your posts on the feedback of people you have communicated. So make sure you connect with your fans. You should anyhow do this because people are more amenable to your content when they have in-person interacted with you earlier. Most Brands are also using personal communication as a chance for real-time marketing, to influence their audience.

5. Limited Content

One of the main reasons why organic reach is degrading on social media platforms is that it has become overcrowded. You must know how much content your audience can consume regularly. You can grab the attention and support of your audience by behaving as a content curator in your particular niche.

If you find yourself struggling on social media, feel free to contact us; we are always ready to assist you!


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