How To Make Your Ads Better With A/B Testing

Apr 21, 2021 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing

In the confusing, highly competitive world of digital marketing, it’s best we remember that accurate data is king. It allows us to separate the chaff from the wheat. One of the best ways to gather data is A/B testing for your ads. This means you will have to make two different versions of the same ad compete against each other. You will then have to see which one performs better. Once you have done this, you can note which works better. Pour more resources into the effective one and discard the one that isn’t performing as well. 

Remember to test only one thing at a time. Don’t change several things in an ad then run an A/B test. Doing that will leave you unable to tell which changes worked and which didn’t. Don’t forget to keep all other variables the same! Even something seemingly minor, like location, could change the outcome of the test. Digital marketing in San Francisco can have differences from digital marketing in L.A.

What are the variables that can undergo A/B testing?

  • The format of the ad

There are many formats an ad could have. These include text, images, videos, GIFs, and more. Compare the effectiveness of two formats through an A/B test. Take one format and display it to half your audience; display the other to the rest. From there, you can compare which one was more effective.

  • The ad’s headlines

Ad headlines are important. They hook in your customer. Not all headlines are great or even good, and some are weaker than others. It’s important to note which headline out of the ones you run an A/B test on are actually effective in selling.

  • The copy of the ad

There are many variables you can change in ad copies. You could change the length or the tone. You could also change the focus of the ad copy. For example, informative to promotional, or vice versa. Once you have decided on what you want to change, you can run the A/B test.

  • The ad’s keywords

One of the most important things for digital advertising are keywords. Search ads, display ads and even social media ads need to include good keywords. To figure out what exactly to A/B test, think of the words your customers could use to describe your product in a search engine.

  • The timing of the ad being posted

Timing is everything, but to know what the best timing is, you have to test. To figure out when your audience is most willing to purchase your product, run an A/B test for different time slots. Once you figure out which time is best, adjust your budget expenditure accordingly.


There are many things when it comes to A/B testing! Remember to keep all other variables as similar as possible so that you can get the most accurate data. If you are advertising in San Francisco, make sure both ads run in San Francisco. With all this data, you can then optimize how you spend your budget.

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