How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

Jul 2, 2020 | Business Development, All, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Did you know more than 65 million users use LinkedIn? Undoubtedly, this social network platform is designed for career professionals. It not only promotes small (and large) businesses, but also helps you get jobs, connecting with potential employers, freelancers etc. If you have a small business that works B2B or B2C, you must have a profile on LinkedIn. Marketing a business on LinkedIn is an inexpensive way to gain exposure.

How to get started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t focused on posting clever images or what you had for breakfast. As an independent venture owner, it’s a space to collaborate with hopeful experts and potential partners, to fabricate your client base, and to gather referrals.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to center around how your expertise or business can support different members. You will likely maintain a strategic distance from an exhausting ho-murmur profiles, and rather to make a profile that pulls in individuals to you.

Consider making a LinkedIn company page for your Business. You’ll have the chance to set up a business page as you complete the resume segment of your personal LinkedIn profile. Your company page will be naturally connected to the resume in your profile.

Passive LinkedIn Marketing 

To set a good LinkedIn profile, you need to build connections and keep your account refreshed to reassure potential customers, clients, and partners that you’re anything but difficult to contact and reference. The passive methodology of just keeping up your profile can prompt the accompanying opportunities:

  • Introduction to individuals chasing for products or services. LinkedIn’s search highlights enables other people who are searching for what you offer to discover your profile and peruse your contributions.
  • Acquaintances with potential customers. You can see your companions’ and associates’ references and connections while looking into and informing potential customers.
  • Show recommendations from others on LinkedIn. As a major aspect of your open profile, you can feature testimonials for you and your business. These recommendations of your work ethic, product, or service can give validity that urges individuals to work with you.


Proactive LinkedIn Marketing

To proactively increase your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, you can promote your business in the following manners:

  • Post ordinary notices: talk about what project you’re chipping away at and who you’re working for.
  • Incorporate updates that would bear some significance with your objective clients and customers.
  • Focus on how you can help other people accomplish their goals.
  • Join LinkedIn groups that identify with you and your business.
  • Regular conversation in groups can help build you up as a specialist in your field. Try not to spam or consistently talk about yourself. Rather, answer questions and be a resource that individuals can trust.
  • Communicate with those in your network and with other group members. Send customized messages, you can connect with experts that have comparable interests or that can help you along your self-start venture journey.



When looking for a professional network, a LinkedIn profile is mandatory. However, you need to ensure that your profile is properly optimized. If you’re unsure how to do this, get in touch with Cyrusson and we’ll be happy to assist!

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