How Website Design Affects the Buying Decisions

May 3, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Website Development

This article focuses on the importance of a good website design and how it can affect customers buying decisions. You have a well-defined marketing strategy in place, have built a strong brand identity, there is a good sales team and the product or service you are offering has buyers. So, when all things seem to be working in your favor, should you still be investing in website design and development?

Does website design matter in the grand scheme of things (for your business)? Wondering how web design can affect buying decisions?

A well-designed website attracts leads that can turn into buying customers. Web design is intrinsically linked to buying decisions. The connection is subtle, no doubt – but it is there. So, unless your website is ‘talking’ to your customers, you will not see a boost in your sales.  

When you start cultivating your customer base and consequently win their trust, you increase the purchasing rate, imbibe in them a long-lasting loyalty and help your company cement its position in the industry.

Yes, it all begins with a good website design.

According to HubSpot research, 97% of purchasing decisions are influenced by a website design. If you do not have a website yet, stop living under the rock! Your business website is important. It will influence buying decisions.

Understand What the Customer Seeks 

Did you know that 82% of users prefer to research a product online before making any purchasing decision? Moreover, 81% of users shopping online prefer to research before adding anything to the cart.  

There is enough research-based evidence to show that a website helps the customer decide their choice. From generating new leads to retaining old customers, your website can play an important role. If you are making cost-cutting decisions and planning to ax website development-related expenses, think again. This isn’t advisable.

If you are starting afresh with website development, research first to understand customer expectations. However, if the website already exists yet isn’t performing, re-look at it from a new perspective and let the experts (the digital marketing team) help you improve its design and appeal.

How does Your Website Boost Sales?   

We have been reiterating the importance of a good website design for your business. But how does it help? What does it do?

First, it validates your business. It shows that you are a professional and recognize customer expectations. Secondly, when your website is clean, aesthetically designed, and has crisp and clear content, it shows that you want to be taken seriously.

Let’s take an example. There are two bakeries with an online presence. One has a simple design with stock images and no real proof that they sell all the cakes. Plus, they do not also have any online booking system. There is this other website that has images of their kitchen, cakes, chefs, and bakers. They also have an option to order online.  Which bakery would you choose? The former (which merely has a presence) or the latter (that stays updated)? We guess that you would choose the latter simply because it is more appealing.  

How to Make Your Business Website Appealing?         

Your website must act as a medium that conveys the right message at the right time to your customers. From providing adequate information about your products and services to adding tidbits about who you are and what makes your team click, to continuously improving user experience, it is a continuous job that must be taken seriously.

A few things that must be consistent in your website are:

  •   Positioning your brand logo
  •   Easy navigation,
  •   Adequate use of images and videos,
  •   A clear CTA,
  •   Consistent formatting (headings, subheadings),
  •   Quality copy,
  •   Contact information, and
  •   Adequate social media links

Keep in mind the following things.

Include Customer Feedback     

Let’s look back at the example of the bakeries.  

When you run a simple Google search for a bakery near you, the two websites (we used in the earlier example) will show up. On the Google search page, you will notice that both offer similar products. But when you visit each site, the differences will become clear. While an e-commerce-enabled site will include customer testimonials, the other basic website will not have real client testimonials.      

Which bakery site are you more likely to trust? Obviously the one with testimonials. When you include customer feedback, you not only engage with your clients but tell the new leads that you are popular among your loyal customers.

Work On Building Your Credibility        

Let the website be a window to your business. Use it as an opportunity to show the world what makes you better and different from your competitors. The aim of your website design should be to ease decision-making. A website that has a strong foundation, appealing layout, and quality content will always attract customers. Ensure that your website is –

  •   Visually stunning,
  •   Ensuring better user experience,
  •   Branding properly with appropriate use of logo and color,
  •   Has an adequate number of reviews, ratings, and testimonials,
  •   Offering a safe online shopping experience (if that’s what your website does)

Turns Leads to Customers        

The aim of your website must be simple – to attract leads and turn them into customers. To be able to do so, you must break down the design elements. See what best works for your business. Research on what influences buying decisions. What makes a lead search on Google? What will make them click your link while rejecting your competitors?  

Remember, that once you can generate leads, turning them into customers can become simpler.

Get Help!        

Developing a website from scratch and maintaining it for the long run are jobs for the experts. When you do not have the necessary expertise to run a website, seek help.

As a boutique digital marketing agency, Cyrusson Inc. specializes in website development, content management, SEO, PPC, and more. Talk to us today if you think your business website is underperforming. We will run a test to check its performance and suggest ways to improve it.

We work in collaboration with our clients so that we can deliver what is expected of us. You can be sure that we bring our A-game to the table. We also believe in keeping all communication channels open. So, whenever you want to talk to us, we are just a phone call or message away!


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