​​How Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Maximize Web Speed

Aug 23, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Website Development

The speed of your web page is important for several reasons. First, faster sites provide a better user experience. Visitors and returning customers are more certain to keep browsing your site and interact with your content if it loads quickly. Second, fast sites are more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages. Google and other search engines consider page speed when determining where to rank your site in search results. Finally, fast sites convert better. If your site is slow, you’re likely losing out on potential customers and sales. 

When consulting with a digital marketing agency on how they can improve web speed, here’s how they should do it:

By Editing Images on Appropriate Programs, not HTML

If an image is too large, you should resize and resave the image using an image editor. This will help to keep the file size down. Using HTML’s width and height attributes will not help; a digital marketing agency worth its weight in salt won’t do this. It is better they resize an image using an image editor like Photoshop and then save it as a new file. This will ensure that the image is the correct size and of the best quality.

Keeping Text Text and Images Images

When you use images to display text on your website, it becomes difficult for screen-readers to access that information, which can also impact your website’s SEO. Additionally, image-heavy pages often take longer to load. 

CSS @font-face allows you to display text on your website using a custom font. This is more efficient than using images, as it requires less bandwidth. However, this should only be done only if you must use many custom fonts on your website.

Through External JS and CSS Files

When the user first loads your web page, the browser will save (or “cache”) external resources like CSS and JavaScript files. This means that instead of having these files inline, it is better to have them in external files.

Inline CSS can increase the rendering time of a web page because the browser has to parse and apply the styling rules to the page elements every time the page is loaded. Having everything defined in your main CSS file means that the browser can cache the CSS rules and doesn’t have to parse and apply them every time the page is loaded, improving performance. 

Therefore, your digital marketing agency’s external JavaScript and CSS files can help make site maintenance easier by consolidating code into global files. This can reduce the amount of code that needs to be updated on multiple web pages. 

Via Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

The speed of your website is significantly impacted by the location of your user concerning your web server. The further away users and visitors are, the longer it will take for the data to be transmitted. Having your content cached in multiple locations can help to solve this problem. Using a CDN will constantly increase your operating cost, but it’s a worthy investment due to the increase in speed.


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